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Website tender
Website tender
This document details the information and requirements to be considered by potential providers for
the future development of the East Anglian Air Ambulance website. We have many ideas of what we
do want, but we are also open to new ideas. The plans detailed in this document are only a guide to
start the redevelopment process.
1. Background
The East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) is a registered charity (no. 1083876) providing a lifesaving
helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) 365 days a year across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire,
Norfolk, and Suffolk. The Charity flies two air ambulance helicopters, and was the first to commence
HEMS operations during the hours of darkness in the UK. The crew comprises highly skilled doctors,
critical-care paramedics, and a pilot/s. EAAA needs to raise over £8.6m this year to provide this service.
There are approximately 50 members of staff, over 300 volunteers across the four counties, and a
board of trustees governing EAAA.
The website ( is a key communication portal for a variety of users. This includes, but
is not limited to: new supporters, former patients, EAAA lottery players, corporate supporters, donors,
media, staff, volunteers, and medical professionals.
2. Current situation
Our website is managed by members of the communications team, who are responsible for producing
and updating content, building new pages, and enabling registration for events. We would like to
continue using WordPress as our content management system for familiarity, however we are open to
using other platforms if they provide greater opportunities.
Our current website has served us well, but we are aware that this is a fast-changing environment and
there are elements of the website which we feel need addressing urgently:
It is not responsive and is therefore impractical to view on mobiles and tablets. In the digital age a
positive online user experience is essential to draw people to the site and engage with them. In
order for users to have a positive experience on all devices the website has to be redesigned to be
responsive on all devices, operating systems, and browsers.
The architecture of the site has become complicated and difficult to navigate. We are not guiding
our users from the landing page and popular pages to other areas of the website.
The design is old and cluttered. The layout does not showcase our content in the best way, as it
was originally designed for a smaller charity. As the Charity has grown, so has the content and the
need for the website to showcase a greater variety of content.
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Website tender
There is a lack of emotion. This does not reflect the Charity’s mission or branding. A redesign will
enable us to re-focus on the people of the Charity and those they help. We want to keep people
on our site for longer and for those people to view more pages.
There is a limited online shop. We wish to establish an online shop, which will stock a range of
merchandise and online gifts, including lottery membership and donations. This also includes
online ticket sales and event registration. We wish to allow payments to be taken on the website.
3. Systems
EAAA works with a variety of systems, all of which need to be taken into consideration when designing
the new site.
Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge 7 (RE7) is EAAA’s database of all supporters and contacts, containing
financial support and interaction history. This is where we create and manage event and
membership records that will be linked to EAAA’s website.
Blackbaud’s Online Express, which integrates RE7 with the website by creating code which, when
added to a web page, displays forms for event registration, membership subs and email
subscriptions, with all data automatically downloading into RE7 for fulfilment, tracking and
ImportOmatic – a RE7 plug-in which enables streamlined importing of virtually any CSV formatted
data from multiple sources.
Online Express requires Blackbaud Payment Services (already in place) for processing donations
and event registrations.
WinTower is the system our EAAA lottery team uses to register lottery players.
Vdepot is our merchandise fulfilment house for all online orders
Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2014 is the system our finance team use. We use Cardsave (Charity
Choice) and would like to move away from PayPal to a system similar to WorldPay to process any
payments, due to the high cost of PayPal.
SharePoint 365 is the site we use for internal communication at present, but we will likely move to
SharePoint 2013.
4. Core aims
The following core aims are required to address these problems and act as a focus for every element of
the site:
Responsive: have a site that is easily viewable on all devices
Intuitive: create a site with architecture that is easy to navigate for all audiences, a move towards
3-click navigation
Modern: design that is clear and aesthetically pleasing
Emotional: engaging users with patient, supporter, volunteer, and staff led content
Shop: a fully functioning online shop with the ability to export full transaction details in a CSV
Accessible: to those with impaired vision or other disabilities
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Website tender
Fast: all pictures, videos, and text should load quickly on all devices
Direct: encourage users viewing popular pages to view other areas of the website
Social media: we would like to integrate social media at every opportunity
5. Key statistics
Key statistics to consider (a full list of analytics is available upon request):
Our most popular pages are missions, lottery, and events
The average time spent is two minutes on an average of three pages
Our most common visitors are from Norwich, London, Cambridge, and Ipswich
Friday is the busiest day of the week, due to the lottery winners being displayed
6. Timetable
21 May 15
29 May 15
9 June 15
19 June 15
29 - 30 June 15
10 July 15
27 July 15
31 January 16
Tender document is released
Return Annex C: Pre-qualified questionnaire by midday
Shortlisted candidates will be notified
Tender submission deadline at midday
Interviews will be held on 29 and 30 June in Cambridge
Successful company will be appointed
Work commences on the new site
Project complete
7. Milestones
Research and discussion
Wire frame
Mood board
Style tiles
Move/upload content
Go live
8. Site content
The content of the site will be written and provided by EAAA’s communications team. The content will
be in varying formats including text, photographs, videos from our YouTube channel, forms, and blogs.
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Website tender
9. Site architecture and ideas
The architecture that follows has been suggested by the communications team after a review of the
current website and the websites of other organisations. Please see Annex A: Site Architecture for a
visual overview of the site.
Landing page – a small welcome page with four boxes advertising our main events, blog, shop
offers, etc. This can change regularly and can be aimed at different user groups. We would also
look at displaying our mission statement and vision statement on this page.
a. A link to the online version of Anglia Lift Off
b. Missions ticker to show number of missions/patients attended and a link to the mission
What we do – landing page to show our mission/aim.
a. Mission map and statistics – show the map of East Anglia with numbers in the counties that
correspond to the number of missions. Users are then able to click on the counties to read
the mission reports
b. Our people – This will be broken down into ‘Our clinicians’, ‘Our staff’ and ‘Our Trustees’
with individual profile pictures of everyone in the Charity that can be used for all ID passes.
The pictures will then be linked to profiles and contact details. This idea has come from the
London Air Ambulance site (
c. Patients – profiles and stories of the patients we have helped. The idea is to display the
patients’ stories in a similar way to the Book of Experience on the Meningitis Research
Foundation site (
d. History – a brief history emphasising our forward thinking and patient focus, made
interesting, possibly with the use of parallax
e. Partners – the description of our partnership with East of England Ambulance Service NHS
Trust (EEAST), Norfolk Accident and Rescue Service (NARS), Suffolk Accident and Recuse
Service (SARS), Beds and Essex Accident and Rescue Service (BEARS), Essex and Herts Air
Ambulance Trust (EHAAT), and Magpas Helimedix
Our values – our compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and a description of
our five organisational values; quality, community, innovation, accountability, and passion.
We would like to include a feedback section for patients or relatives that can provide
evidence for our CQC registration
Support us – the different ways that people can choose to support us and why they should,
including links to patient stories
a. Events – separated into four categories: local, region wide, challenge (e.g. London
Marathon), and third party (your) events. We would like the local site to have an interactive
map that will allow users to click on their area and see what is going on in a calendar view.
Your events section will contain fundraising packs, tips, and ideas for supporters to
fundraise. This section would have a contact form that would be sent to the relevant areas
for supporters to ask for help with their event. We would also like the challenge events to
displayed in the way the challenge events are displayed on the Help for Heroes site
b. Volunteer – details of volunteer vacancies, how EAAA supports volunteers, and application
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Website tender
c. Shop – contains merchandise, virtual gifts, and donations. It would be preferable to process
stand-alone donations via Online Express but the shop should be able to handle top-up
donations with purchases
d. Lottery – lottery pages to be redesigned and have links that guide players from the winner’s
page to other areas of the website. Also separate the play and win pages, from the
regulations pages
e. Key supporters – logos, and possibly profiles, of corporate supporters
Resources – schools pack, fundraising pack, and other event packs
g. Donate – link to the donate page (under landing page heading). This will show two options
of ‘donate time’, linked to the volunteer page, or ‘donate money’
Media centre – welcome to the media centre what you will find in the list
a. Press office – details and links to the communications team profile (under Our people)
b. Releases – our press releases
c. In the news – recent press coverage
d. Publications – Anglia Lift Off, Annual Review, and leaflets such as About us, Patient liaison,
e. Gallery – recent pictures for users to download and use
a. Donate your time – link to the volunteer page. This should be done via Online Express if
b. Donate your goods – link to a contact page and further details
c. List of options, £5, £10, £XX, description of what each will buy, and then a user specified
donation. Choice to donate either as a one off or monthly direct debit. This will be designed
in Online Express
Facebook tab page (accessed via Facebook)
a. This page will be similar to the main Facebook page, with posts, the ability to share, like,
and comment. For this page to link with Facebook it must have HTTPS
Crisis page (hidden)
a. To be activated as the only visible page in the unfortunate case of a crisis
Campaign page (hidden)
a. The campaign page would be activated if we decide to focus our fundraising on a particular
goal. The London Air Ambulance is a good example of this
Common footer
b. Scrolling list of key supporters
c. Contact us – a link to contact details of all offices
d. Work with us – job vacancies, link to volunteer (under Support us), patients, observerships
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Website tender
e. FAQs
Social media handles and links
g. Terms of use
h. Cookies
Privacy policy
Site map
k. Sign up to Anglia Lift Off with first name, last name, and email address that feeds into our
database RE7 (see 3. Systems), this will be designed in Online Express
Login link – this link would take users to one of our SharePoint 365 sites: staff, volunteers,
trustees, and patients
10. Other websites
The following is a list of sites that have informed some of our ideas. They are here as examples and not
meant to act as a constraint on any ideas.
We like Vdepot’s use of parallax (
We would like to remove the drop down menu function of our current website. Instead when the
user has clicked into one of the four main headings, the pages within those sections would be
displayed as options on the left in a list format like the London Air Ambulance site
Patient stories to be displayed in an imaginative way like the Book of Experience on the Meningitis
Research Foundation site (
Challenge events to be displayed in a visibly engaging way like the Help for Heroes site
Staff profiles to be displayed in a similar way to the London Air Ambulance site
A campaign page that has a similar functionality to the London Air Ambulance
Simplicity like that of the London Air Ambulance site and the Oxfam site (
Brand strength and clarity which is visible on the Macmillan site (
The idea of virtual gifts is shown on the Royal National Lifeguard Institution (RNLI) site
11. Contract
The contract will include:
Developing the website to meet our requirements in accordance with this document and future
On going hosting, maintenance, and support – we would like to hear about the service you can
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Website tender
12. Point of contact
Please send all responses and queries electronically or by post to:
James Perks
Communications Officer
East Anglian Air Ambulance
10 Barnwell House
Barnwell Drive
01223 403 600
07917 227 085
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Annex A: Site architecture
Facebook page
What we do
Our people
Crisis page
Landing page
Campaign page
Support us
Press office
In the news
Crew / Helis
Region wide
Virtual Gifts
Events pack
Your events
Common footer
Key supporters
Contact us
Work with us
Social media
Terms of use
Privacy polices
Site map
Sign up to
Anglia Lift Off
SP365 login
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Annex B: Systems
User inputs details
Registration and payment registers in
Raiser's Edge 7
User opens EAAA lottery application
User pays via WorldPay
Payment registers in Sage
Registration and Payment registers in EAAA
lottery's WinTower system
User receives confirmaiton of payment and
lottery numbers
User receives confirmation of payment
User opens event registration
Details are taken via Blackbaud
User pays for registration via Blackbaud
Payment registers in Sage
Registration and payment registers in
Raiser's Edge 7
Event organiser exports attendee list and is
able to check names off manually or
electronically at event
User receives confirmation of payment
Payment registers in Sage
User opens merchandise item in online shop
Website checks stock level with Vdepot
Vdepot sends stock level back to website
User pays for item with WorldPay
Payment and order registers in Raiser's
Edge 7
Item and quantity is sent to Vdepot for
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
Vdepot sends order confirmation to user
Vdepot dispatches order to user
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Annex C: Pre-qualified questionnaire
Please fill out the pre-qualified questionnaire below and return electronically or by post to:
James Perks
East Anglian Air Ambulance
10 Barnwell House
Barnwell Drive
01223 403 600
07917 227 085
If you have any queries or require more information, please fell free to contact James Perks on the
contact details listed above.
Company name
Contact name
Contact address
Contact telephone
Contact email
Confirm that you build standard
compliant websites
Do you include hosting and
domain registration?
Describe the structure of your
Number of employees and their
Do you design and build the
Will you out source any work? If
so, please name your partners
What platform do you build
your sites on?
How familiar are you with
Who would own the completed
code and the site?
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Annex C: Pre-qualified questionnaire
What is your experience with ecommerce systems?
Please provide a list of other
What are your arrangements
for on-going support?
Do you have examples of
websites delivered on a low
budget? If so, please provide
What was your turnover in last
financial year? Please provide 3
years worth of audited accounts
Do you support all major web
browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer,
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,
What SEO services do you
How would you approach the
issue of security and avoid the
risk of hacking?
Explain the systems for
ensuring that EAAA would be
kept informed of any legal
How would you keep us
updated generally on any future
opportunities and
developments to our site?
Who would manage our
account? Where are they
What arrangements do you
have for out of hour’s
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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Annex C: Pre-qualified questionnaire
Please provide an example of a
responsive site that you have
Provide one site that you are
most proud of designing
Do you have any questions for
EAAA website tender
James Perks
May 2015
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