Mass Weight Final Notes

Physical Science
An Overview
• Physical Science is the study of matter
and energy.
• What is matter?
• Matter is defined as anything that has
mass and volume. In lamens terms matter
is the stuff that everything is made of.
• All matter has energy
• We are going to start this year by
exploring the difference between mass
and weight.
• Mass: Defined as the amount of matter in
an object
• Weight: A measure of the gravitational
force exerted on a object
Mass vs. Weight
• To begin to understand this fundamental
difference you have to understand the
term gravity.
• Gravity is a force of attraction between
objects that is due to there masses.
• Gravitational force is experienced by all
objects in the universe all at the same
Mass vs. Weight
• Mass is….
• A measure of the amount of matter in an
• Always constant for an object no matter
where the object is in the universe
• Measured with a balance
• Expressed in Kg= Kilograms
Mass vs. Weight
• Weight is…
• A measure of the amount of the
gravitational force on an object
• Varied depending on where the object is in
relation to the Earth
• Measured with a spring scale
• Expressed in N= Newtons
• If a person is standing in a elevator that is
moving downward what will change their
mass or weight or both ?????
• If a person calculates their mass and
weight at the north pole and the equator
what numbers will be the same and what
numbers will be different.
Pretend That You Are in Space!
You are floating around. You drift over to a
floating bathroom scale and put your feet
on it. Your feet do not push down on the
scale at all. The scale shows that you
weigh 0. You have lost your weight—but
did you lose your mass?
Please solve
• Explain why the weight changes in these
four situations. What happened to the
• Please answer in paragraph form!!!
• Answer all questions on page #42
• 10 pts.
• Due on Tuesday