Part 3: Poetry Project Lit terms Review

Part 3: Poetry Project
Lit terms Review
Multiple sites are listed on this page in case one fails or becomes overwhelmed by requests. These sites have flash
cards, learning practice, and games.
Use at least two of the websites below to review definitions and examples of literary terms and
devices. The flash cards, practice sessions, and games are ready to use. Use at least 2 of the websites
for review so that you can review many different terms, not just the ones from one site. Some of the
websites have 40 terms; some have 80 terms. Make sure that you practice with both kinds.
As you are reviewing, select the 25 terms that are personally challenging to you in some way
(memorization, spelling, examples, definition, etc.). Make a personal study set of these 25 terms for
additional review. Use one of the following methods:
any of the flash card makers (such as Study Stack or Quizlet) to make a personal set
of 25 flash cards for final review and to share with classmates. a Jeopardy game
with them
an online Jeopardy game that uses your 25 personally challenging terms or devices
(use one of the many online Jeopardy templates)
animated demonstration of the 25 terms/definitions with or a similar animation
Each term or device must be spelled correctly and have a correct definition or example. You get 0 credit
for the term if the assignment is incomplete in any way, if the directions are not followed, if the
definition or example is wrong, if it is spelled incorrectly, or if you copy another person’s work or
Quizlet 1
Quizlet 2
Quizlet 3
Quizlet 4
Quizlet 5: Pre-AP
Quizet 6
Study Stack 1‐189668
Study Stack 2
Study Stack 3
Study Stack 4
Study Stack 5
Study Stack 6
Study Stack 7‐terms2.html