Macbeth Creative Adaptation.3

DUE LAB day: Thurs. 12/18
TASK: Take the basic ideas from Macbeth and transfer them to a different situation. You can approach this
tragically, dramatically, historically, or comically; your play should be recognizably connected to Shakespeare’s
work, but you have a certain amount of leeway.
PARAMETERS: The basic plot of the play is that someone hears a prophecy that he will achieve something s/he
really wants, s/he is spurred to take action by someone close to him, he achieves his desire, and to protect what he’s
achieved s/he escalates his actions. S/he feels nothing can stop her/him but loses everything in the end.
So, take that basic outline and come up with your own situation. Some things to note:
You don’t need violence.
 You don’t need any royalty
 You don’t need to write in Shakespearean style.
This doesn’t just mean “contemporary” or “modern.” You could make it about cavemen, if you wanted. You can
transfer it to pop culture (television shows, celebrities, etc.). You could do it about a childhood tea party, an old folks
home, or you could do it about World War II. The options, essentially, are pretty open. You should run your idea by
me, though.
 To follow the general plot as written above.
 A Macbeth character, a Lady Macbeth character, and some sort of prophecy (voice in the head, magic 8-ball,
etc.). You might find Banquo (comrade-in-arms that Macbeth turns traitor on), Duncan (authority figure that gets
usurped), or Macduff (foil that avenges himself on Macbeth) useful, but for maximum flexibility you shouldn’t feel
obligated to force them in. You only need the first prophecy (i.e., the first witches scene with Macbeth), but in terms
of plot you can of course use the second witches prophecy (bloody child, moving trees, etc.).
YOUR OUTPUT (As in, what you turn in):
A good, specific, plot synopsis of the events as you envision them, from beginning to end. It should be in
paragraphs (that is, not one long paragraph, but separated at different points to make it easy for the reader to follow).
This should be at least a page, but the more specific you are, the better. You’ll be graded on use of plot structure,
clarity (does it make sense to the reader?), and quality of writing.
One scene from your adaptation written in play/script form. The scene should be one that mirrors a scene from
Macbeth (major scenes include the initial prophecy scene; obtaining the goal and reaction to it; any scene of
escalation to protect what the main character has attained; the downfall of the main character). This is in play form,
so remember there’s scene descriptions and plenty of dialogue. About two pages, but obviously finish your scene.
Again, you’ll be graded on clarity, consistency (do your characters make sense?), writing quality, and cohesiveness
with your plot.
Total: 100 Points
A visual representation of your play. Think book cover/movie poster, a drawing representing a scene in progress, a
video. You can use a variety of mediums (collage, painting, pencils, computer generated, film, etc.) There should be
literal and metaphorical meaning within your visual representation.
OR 
Scene performance. You can perform your scene with a classmate for extra credit. You can ask other classmates to
perform it as you direct it. If you need an extra actor, I will participate in your scene.