Mechanical, Aerospace and
Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Matthew M. Mench
Head, Professor and Condra Chair of Excellence
Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical
Sept. 29, 2014
Three Programs:
MABE Department
1) Mechanical Engineering
2) Aerospace Engineering
3) Biomedical Engineering
Major Thrust Areas:
• Advanced manufacturing
• Hybrid/conventional automotive systems
• Robotics and Control
• Electrochemical power storage and conversion
• High Performance Computing
• Micro-fluidics and heat transport
• Biomechanics, imaging, medical devices
Students and Faculty:
Neutron image of lithium inside
• ~1,000UGs , 150 Grads, 75 PhDs
• Opportunities for research with faculty
• Year long Sr design projects/many with industry
General Advice in Deciding a Major
• Do not base it on paycheck.
• Do not base it on your aunt or uncle.
• Take a look at the books at the senior
level at the bookstore…what excites you?
What book do you want to learn now?
Aerospace Engineering
• AEs research, develop, and design aircraft
and spacecraft components and systems
for government, military and commercial
• AEs study propulsion, orbital mechanics,
aerospace structures, vibrations, acoustics,
• AEs work wherever things fly, from
hummingbird drones, to hypersonic
defense systems to the space station.
Aerospace Engineering
• AE senior design projects include designbuild-fly for remote drone and rocket launch
• AEs get hired by General Motors, Boeing,
NAVAIR, USAF, Gulfstream, NASA, etc.
• Many AEs also go to grad school, or get
Biomedical Engineering
• BMEs research, develop and design technologies
and products used in medicine and medical research
including medical instruments, medical imaging,
prosthetics and tools for rehabilitation and drug
• BMEs often work closely with physicians and other
health care providers. Many BMEs also attend
medical school or get BME graduate degrees.
Although the need is growing nationwide, there are
fewer opportunities for BMEs with a BS to get
employment as a BME than other degrees. Most
companies prefer to start at MS level.
Biomedical Engineering
• BME senior design projects include clinical
shadowing and device design experience.
• BMEs get hired by DeRoyal, Siemens,
Zimmer, Microport Orthopedics, Zoll Medical
Corporation and others
• Most BMEs go to graduate or medical school
Mechanical Engineering
• ME is a very broad area, impacting almost every
area of society. MEs are employed in almost
every field. Generally involves energy
conversion to power.
• MEs work on many systems including power
plants, medical devices, engines, automobiles,
ships, robotics, aircraft, control systems,
manufacturing devices and processes, sensors,
fuel cells, batteries, turbines, pumps, airconditioning and refrigeration systems……etc.
Mechanical Engineering
• ME senior design projects include EcoCar3,
Denso, Eastman, Accurouter, Clayton Homes,
VolTank, Lexmark, EPRI, others.
• MEs are hired nearly
• Many MEs go to grad school,
law school, or get MBAs.