1102 Midterm Review What are the two major types of narrator? A

1102 Midterm Review
1) What are the two major types of narrator?
2) A narrator may be unreliable. What are some reasons?
3) Name and explain the three different levels of knowledge of the characters a non-participant
narrator might have.
4) When reading a story for our class, it is a good idea to read it twice. Why?
5) If you annotate a text, what are you doing to it?
6) What is a protagonist?
7) How can a setting effect a story? Give an example.
8) If your assignment asks you to explicate a passage from a story, what are you supposed to do?
9) Explain what a Card Report is.
10) Who wrote A Tell-Tale Heart?
11) This story was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
12) ‘Gothic’ stories are usually dark, generally have an eccentric central character, and often depict
the dark underbelly of life? Which stories that we read could be considered gothic? Why?
13) A Southern Grotesque is a character in a gothic story that is set in the south, usually female, who
may be unlikeable for many reasons, but ends up being a sympathetic character? What
characters seem to be Southern Grotesques?
14) William Faulkner wrote this story.
15) This story’s protagonist is also the narrator. Although he claims he is not, we know he is quite
16) The title character in this story has a drug problem.
17) Why does Sister live at the P.O.? Do you think she is a reliable narrator? Why or why not?
18) Name a story in which family is very important and plays a central role. Explain your answer with
examples from the story.
19) In this story, a woman is obsessed by the wallpaper in her room. What is the husband’s name
and occupation?
20) In The Storm, issues of sexuality are the dominant theme. What are some other themes that
come up in this story?
21) The grandmother in A Good Man is Hard to Find decides to leave her cat at home. True or False?
Why is this important to the story?
22) What is a response paper?
23) How would The Yellow Wallpaper be different if told from John’s point of view? How would A
Rose for Emily change if told by Homer Barron?
24) Be ready to write an essay on one of the above stories.
25) Be ready to answer questions about each of the seven stories we read.
26) What is an online database?
27) Do you have to be in the library to access the database?
28) What is a secondary source?
29) What are our libraries weekend hours?
30) What is your teacher’s name?