A SAP appeal is not considered complete and should not be

SAP Training
Presented By: Ashley Roberts & Keegan Palzkill
Prior to the End of the Phase:
• Remind all FA Warning Students not meeting their
academic plan of the appeal process(i.e. letter of
appeal, supporting documentation) and deadlines
• At the End of the Phase:
• Run SAP Wizard after final grades have been posted
• Update Student Status in Campus Vue
• Identify students on FA Warning, FA Probation and/or
FA Suspension by running a Master Student Listing
Report and communicate with them
• Follow up with students regarding SAP Appeals
1. Letter of Appeal written by the student
2. Supporting Documentation of extenuating
3. Completed FA Warning/Academic Warning term
SAP Advising Form
4. Requested Appeal Term Academic SAP Advising
5. Current Official Transcript
• The letter needs to explain what extenuating
circumstances led to the student ending up on SAP
and how those circumstances have been
• Any circumstance listed in the letter must have
supporting documentation to demonstrate the issue
• The letter should be dated and signed by the
• Always review the letter in the presence of the
• The letter may have to be re-written if these things
are not taken into consideration
• A SAP appeal is not considered complete and
should not be submitted without 3rd party supporting
• If you are questioning the documentation, but you
at least have it, you can still send it in for review
• 3rd Party documentation MUST be from a
disinterested 3rd party
• Why isn’t a letter from my friend or family member
good enough?
• A friend or family member’s opinion can be very
subjective. A SAP appeal needs to be supported by an
objective, “third party”
• The dates on the supporting documentation must
fall within one of the SAP Not Met terms
• Ex: Student stated incarceration. Term dates for failing
SAP are 6/17-8/25. Student’s incarceration documents
indicate he was incarcerated for 3 days (6/14 – 6/16).
This would not be sufficient documentation.
• You must have the prior term advising form IF the
student was on Warning the previous term
• If you cannot locate the SAP Warning Advising due
to turnover in the DOE position you can either:
• Recreate the Warning Advising with the student and have
them sign
• Contact your Academic Dean to have them write a letter
regarding this matter
• Should be used for all 1 term appeals and should be the first
page of an appeal packet
• Should be used if the appeal requested is for more than one
• Is also used when re-submitting the appeal paperwork to
show that a student has met 1 term of an additional term
• Write a clear plan – including all necessary details
• Include # of terms for appeal
• Include the date of each term
• Courses to be taken
• Note if any courses are a repeat
• Note credit hours behind each course (4.5QCH)
• Grades to be earned in each course
• Suggested additional advisement – tutoring, etc.
• Note if it is a re-enroll student, is this a re-enroll
student that is switching programs
• If there is no way for the student to come off of SAP
in the Warning term please state on the advising
form that the student will be required to appeal at
the end of the term and make sure this is clearly
explained to the student
• If the student has historically been a D student do
not set 1 term of getting an A or B because that is
unlikely – instead set up a longer plan and more
achievable plan
• Review the verbiage in the approved section written
by the Dean to see if it matched your written plan
and take note of additions/changes
• Make sure the CGPA is correct
• Check for exceeding 150% of the program
• Use the SAP calculator to ensure plan is accurate
• Make sure that the credits attempted and earned
are checked against CV
• Please name the file and do not send unmarked files
• Ex: Student Name (first, last), Campus, Date
• Download the most current SAP Appeal Form from
• Make sure you include the original fillable PDF and not a
scanned copy
• Please open the PDF file to ensure pages are not scanned
in backwards before sending on
• The SAP Appeal Form should always be the first page
• Note: the first page lists the order in which items should be
ordered in the appeal document
• If revisions are necessary never send just the revised form,
you need to revise the form and then switch it out or add
it to the original SAP PDF complete document and resend
• Additional Appeal Form – only need 1 form stating
that the student will need a 3 term appeal – do not
need a form for each term
• If the classes available are not known for future terms
please ensure the credit hours to be taken are listed in
the advising along with the grade
• Once an additional term appeal is approved it must
be submitted at the end of every term to Corporate
Academics and then Anne Hope to review and
ensure the student has met the plan. The Additional
Term Appeal form should be used in this process. New
documentation is not needed.
• All SAP appeals must be submitted to the
Academic Dean by COB on Friday of Week 1.
• Any revisions needed to appeals that were
submitted in Week 1 must be submitted no later
than Friday of Week 2.
• If a student submits an appeal or revision
paperwork after the deadline above it is
encouraged that the DOE works with the student to
complete the appeal and the student can re-enroll
in the next upcoming start.
• Include your SAP calculator in the appeal
• Create a sample letter to guide students and
prevent issues
• Always ensure that students are repeating any failed
classes first unless prevented by the schedule wheel
• Check the dates of the documentation to ensure
they match the terms of SAP Not Met – especially
with re-enroll students
• Check attendance in Campus Vue
• If the student stated their car broke down for 2 weeks yet
when you check attendance they were there everyday for
those 2 weeks – this does not match up and new
documentation would be required
• If you are new to the SAP process seek help from your
Academic Dean when writing SAP Warning plans
• The plan once approved CANNOT be changed for
any reason without approval from Corporate
Academics and Corporate FA
• DOE’s must check that SAP students are scheduled
and seated in the appropriate classes by the end of
• Preventing errors• Finish an appeal and then come back to it in 30 minutes to do
a final review before sending on
• Find someone at the campus that can do a double check
• Make sure the documentation is for the mitigating
circumstance and not the resolution
• Ex: Student states she could not attend due to childcare
issues and only provides proof of childcare for the future as
• Also, note that the resolution must only be stated in the letter
and does not need to be documented
• Make sure the documentation does not negate the
mitigating circumstance
• Ex: Student states death of a mother. Student provides an
obituary. In the obituary is lists the children of the person
who died and the student is not listed.
• Ensure the details in the documentation actually
support the reason
• Ex: Student states he had to work overtime and missed
too much class. Documentation on the pay stub
submitted shows the student only worked 10-15 hours
each week.
• Double check that the mitigating circumstance
is supported by Campus Vue facts
• Ex: Student stated she missed too much class because
she was ill and provides a doctor notice for a visit on
6/20 for a cold. The term is 6/17-8/25. The student
attended all but 3 days of the term, and only one day
was missed anywhere close to this date. Missing one
day of school (or really 3 for that matter) is not a
mitigating circumstance for failing SAP.
• Ex: Student states mitigating circumstance reason as
not having transportation. The student’s ledger card
shows he had a bus pass the whole term.
COSMO SAP – Clock Hour SAP
• Use the calculator to determine CGPA by putting
either 300 or 250 hours in the credits column, and
put the numeric grade (A = 4.00, B = 3.00, etc.) in
the grade column
• The plan cannot be written for more hours than
are available in the term (i.e. perfect phase may
have 300 hours, but 11/4 term only has 264 hours)
• Indicate on the transcript the number of hours
scheduled for each phase you are writing the
plan for
COSMO SAP – Clock Hour SAP
• Additional Hours course is scheduled for the full
amount of time for the phase even if the student
needs a few weeks to complete the required 1500
• Calculate the entire plan that would get the
student off SAP, and then make sure it does not
exceed maximum time frame (2,250 hours)
• Note: Even if the student can come off of SAP in 3
terms you still need to map out the remaining terms to
ensure that they can meet the requirement without
hitting maximum timeframe
COSMO SAP – Clock Hour SAP
• Students cannot be scheduled in Additional Hours
course until the core required classes have been
• For clock hour SAP appeals every day that the
appeal is not done in the add/drop period the
plan has to be edited because each day passed
those hours are now not included in attempted or
available for that term
• Make a chart with all of your Cosmo/Massage
starts and the available hours
• Submit all Clock Hour appeals first, so the student
will have the best chance of meeting the hours in
the plan
• Use the Clock Hour SAP Calculator for ROP; use
the Quarter Credit Hour SAP Calculator for CGPA
Thank you!!