Project Update

Case Study
Implementing an Urban Plan
for GAA
‘Tools that build success’
Derry City Council
Ben Corr
Barry O’Hagan
Baseline to inform:
Demonstrate evidence of need:
• Work Programme
• Club Development Plans
• City Plan
Why Audit?
Where do we
want to be ?
Ulster Councils
Strategic Plan
2002 – 2006
GAA Underage
Strategic Plan
Why Audit?
How do we
get there?
• Increase Participation / Optimise Playing Standards
• Development of Club Infrastructure
• Preparation of individual Club Development Plan
Why Audit?
Where do we
want to be ?
How do we
get there?
Where are
we now ?
Sections within Template
 1.1 Physical Infrastructure
 2.1 Human Infrastructure
 3.1 Participation
 4.1 Club Management and Administration
 5.1 Planning
 6.1 Needs
Audit Process
Process signed off by Project Management Group
• Audit carried out with 6 clubs, 30 primary schools and 10
secondary schools within the Urban area
• Personally administered by District Development Officer
• Clubs and schools to nominate key personnel
(Maximum of 2 people)
• Clubs and schools to indicate preferred times for sessions
Audit Findings
• Club/School Specific
• Confidentiality
• Informs Club/City Development Plans
• Informs Work Programme
• Analysis carried out by ‘Straightforward
Research and Development’, a professional
research practice based in the North West of
Evaluation of Findings
• Analysis of club results complete
• Analysis of school results to follow
• Some key club governance issues have arisen
in some of the following areas :
 Child Protection
 Equal Opportunities
 Health and Safety/First Aid
 Club policies and Procedures
Next Steps
Creation of a generic ‘Club Guidelines’ template
• Creation of Club Specific Child Protection Policy
• Creation of Club Specific Equal Opportunities Policy
• Amendment of Club Constitution to reflect child protection policy, equality statement etc
• Election of Youth Liaison Officer (Creation of sample Job Description)
• Implementation of the GAA’s ‘Code Of Best Practice For Youth Sport”
• Creation of Club Specific Code of Best Practice/Code of Conduct for coaches, players etc
• Child Protection Training for those coaches/volunteers not CP qualified
• Creation of Club Specific Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety/First Aid
Training – min 5 members per club
• Workshop on setting up a database of club members (players, officials, coaches etc)
• Creation of Club Specific documented emergency procedures/accident reporting system
• Creation of Club Specific Recruitment Policy/Reporting Procedure
Business Planning
• Next piece of work to be carried out is ‘Business Planning’
• Local Strategy Partnership (LSP) in Derry have awarded 6.4 m to
voluntary organisations in last 2 yrs
• Successful application to LSP for Technical Assistance with the
creation of a Strategic Plan for Gaelic games in the city
• Work to be carried in conjunction with Venture International,
District Development Officer and the 6 Urban based clubs
• Results from the club and school audits will provide the basis for
the ‘City Strategic Plan’
Urban Gaelic Summer Camps
• Two separate schemes – Celtic Park, Outer North Area
(Also separate hurling camp in conjunction with Na Magha)
• Provision of 5 qualified coaches from Derry County Board
• Clubs provided over 20 volunteers
• Links established with Health Promotion Agency and
sponsorship provided by O'Neill's Sports
• Camps ran for a total of 6 weeks during the summer
Urban Gaelic Summer Camps
• Transport provided in 5 areas of the city (free of charge)
• Each child received a healthy snack each day
• On completion of the camp, each child presented with a size
3 O'Neill's football and T-Shirt
• In Celtic Park camp, 143 children not affiliated with a club
Lack of infrastructure, both physical and human means there
will be a lack of opportunities for these young people