As a member of the Design Team we will ask

PSESD Next Generation Strategic Design
Team: Invitation to join
Please consider joining the PSESD Next Generation Strategic Design Team. PSESD is using a design
approach to answer three questions: “Where are we going?”, “What should we be doing?” and “How
will we do it?” The Design Team will have primary responsibility for crafting a visionary design to answer
these questions and guide the leaders in the next generation of the ESD.
Details of the design process
Working with the current context of education in our state and region, we will engage stakeholders
through individual and group interviews (November-January). We will consider the economics of the
educational system, values, the core competence of our agency, decision making processes, and the
needs of our client districts, schools, educators, students and families. We will consider these areas with
an eye toward our End: Success for Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap, and Become an
Antiracist Multicultural Organization. Design Team members will synthesize the results of stakeholder
interviews and develop the design document. Design Team members will be invited to join at least one
stakeholder interview.
As a member of the Design Team we will ask you to:
Apply a racial equity lens
Bring your best thinking forward
Identify and challenge assumptions
Communicate visually—a picture really is worth a thousand words
Work holistically, making sure that functions, structures, and processes complement each
Contribute your individual and organization’s perspective (if you represent an organization)
Keep teaching and learning improvement at the center of the design conversation
Focus on the people in the agency and those whom it serves
Stick with the process by regular attendance and active engagement
As a member of the Design Team you can expect us to:
Apply a racial equity lens
Make good use of your time and contributions
Support your participation
Create opportunities for you to learn the design process so you can use it in your own
Hold Transforming Institutional Values at the center of this work (“Both/And” Thinking,
Abundant Worldview, Transparent Communication & Decision Making, and Collaboration &
Cooperation). These values move our organization along the continuum of becoming an
antiracist multicultural organization.
Design Team members will meet five times in the Renton area. Team members are asked to join all five
meetings. Meals will be provided.
Dates & Times
November 5 (10-4pm)
January 28 (8-4pm)
January 29 (8-12pm)
March 2 (10-4pm)
April 19 (10-5pm)
Stipends of $150 for each meeting date are available for Team members for whom Design Team
participation is not be part of your professional role. If there are other supports that would help you
participate, please let us know in your Expression of Interest.
Design Team Composition
The Design Team has significant responsibility for charting the future course of the PSESD. We seek
Team members who reflect our region and can help our organization expand our vision of our work.
Design Team members will be selected using the criteria below.
Design Team Criteria
Individuals who (personal affiliation):
 Identify as a person of color
 Identify as an immigrant/refugee
 Identify as differently abled
 Are a parent/guardian of child(ren) birth-high school
 Have familiarity with the Puget Sound Educational Service District
Individuals who are (sector or professional affiliation):
 Business representative
 Business representative
 CCER representative
 Community member (King County)
 Community member (Pierce County)
 District staff (King County)
 District staff (Pierce County)
 Statewide Early Learning agency representative
 Higher Education representative
 John Welch, PSESD Superintendent
 Large education CBO representative (King or Pierce County) (annual budget <$400,000)
 Parent
 Parent
People of color-serving education organization representative (King County) (annual budget
People of color-serving education organization representative (Pierce County) (annual budget
PSESD cabinet member
PSESD cabinet member
PSESD cabinet member
PSESD cabinet member
PSESD staff member (Administrative and Management Services)
PSESD staff member (Early Learning direct services)
PSESD staff member (Equity in Education)
PSESD staff member (Learning Teaching & Family Support)
PSESD staff member (Transportation)
Superintendent (King County-large district)
Superintendent (King County-small district)
Superintendent (Pierce County-large district)
Superintendent (Pierce County-small district)
Join the Design Team!
Expression of Interest
We would greatly appreciate your contributions to the Design Team. Please take a look at the “As a
member of the Design Team we will ask you to:” and “Design Team Composition” sections of this
document. Share in a few sentences why you would like to join the Design Team, and what you will
contribute to the design work, considering the Design Team criteria. Please include your phone number
and email address.
Please send your brief Expression of Interest to Sarita Siqueiros Thornburg, PSESD Research & Evaluation
Director to by October 13, 2015.
John Welch, PSESD Superintendent and Sarita will select the Team members, and notifications will be
sent by October 16.
Please contact Sarita Siqueiros Thornburg at (425) 917-7724 or