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BTEC engineering-Learning aim B TEST
To know about developments in engineering materials and technologies
1. Link the product to the modern material it is made from (2 marks)
2. Give two properties of carbon fibre that make it an ideal material for use in prosthetic limbs (2)
3. Describe the characteristics of a piezoelectric actuator (2 marks)
Explain how this is an advantage for use
in cars (2 marks)
5. List two disadvantages of metallic foam (2 marks)
6. List two uses of metallic foams (not including their use in cars) (2 marks)
7. The photograph shows an aeroplane with a blended wing body. Complete the statement about blended
wing bodies by circling the correct answer. (1 mark)
8. The photograph shows a car with a hydrogen fuel cell inside. Explain two advantages of using hydrogen
fuel cells in cars. (4 marks)
9. The photograph shows a hip prosthesis.
(a) Which high performance material is used to make the leg part of the hip prosthesis? (1 mark)
Tick one of the boxes
(b) What is the main manufacturing process used to make the leg part of
the hip prosthesis? (1 mark)
Tick one of the boxes
10. Smart materials have specific advantages when used in engineering.
Complete the following sentences about the advantages of smart materials by circling the correct word
from the drop down menus (2 marks)
11. Optical fibres have 2 advantages over copper wire in the communications sector. List them (2 marks)
12. Describe how surface nanotechnology could improve a textile material (2 marks)
13. How could telematics improve the efficiency of a freight company? (2 marks)
14. Powder metallurgy is a modern material process used in engineering.
The diagram shows the stages of powder metallurgy.
Label stage 4 of the powder metallurgy process by selecting from the list (1 mark)
15. List two advantages of powder metallurgy (2 marks)
16. Catalytic converters are made from ceramics (high performance material).
Give two reasons why ceramics are used (2 marks)
17. Super alloys have excellent strength at high temperatures and are hard wearing.
Give two applications of super alloys (2 marks)
18. Describe a characteristic of shape memory polymers (1 mark)
19. Give two advantages of blended wing bodies (2 marks)
20. Engineers use different casting processes to manufacture different products. Sand casting is one
process. Die casting is another.
The diagram shows the sand casting process.
Circle the area known as the riser (1 mark)
21. List 2 more material processes you are aware of (2 marks)
Marks out of 40