CCNR: The Colorado Collaborative for Nursing Research

CCNR: The Colorado
Collaborative for
Nursing Research
CCNR: Statement of Purpose
By (a) linking Colorado nursing-care providers and
Colorado nurse researchers and (b) providing
material/logistical research support for nursingresearch projects, the CCNR generates research for
translation into evidence-based practice, contributing
to world-class health care for Colorado and beyond.
CCNR: Context
(a) Improvement of patient safety/patient
care tops IOM priority list (2009)
(b) Tremendous interest/demand from
health-care providers
(c) Translation is key to (a) and (b)—more
EBP requires more E on which to B the P
CCNR: Functions
(Schematic on subsequent slide)
(a) Co-operative research
(b) Colorado Nursing Data Warehouse
(c) Support services
CCNR Function (a):
Co-Operative Research
Professionals +
Research Faculty
Mutual Interests/Goals
Impactful Research
Ideas Framed in
Sound Research
CCNR Function (b):
Colorado Nursing
Data Warehouse
Superior Health Care for
Colorado and Region
CCNR Function (c):
Support Services
Expertise and
Capacity to
Meet Research
Goal or Need
CCNR: College of Nursing
Research Personnel
(a) Consultative Support Personnel
(b) Statistical Support Personnel
(c) Methodological Support Personnel
Consultative Support Personnel
Karen Sousa, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Associate Dean of Research
and Scholarship
• Expertise in developing/testing conceptual models
• Expertise in developing/applying advanced statistical methods (e.g.,
structural equation modeling)
• Expertise in research infrastructure, grant development, EBP
projects, mentoring
Linda Flynn, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Director—PhD Program
• 10+ years of continuous external funding for research
• Principal investigator of interdisciplinary teams for large, multi-site,
patient safety studies (14 hospitals; 82 medical/surgical units; 63
nursing homes)
• Research focuses on impact of system, staff characteristics, and care
practices in patient safety outcomes
Statistical Support Personnel
Oliwier Dziadkowiec, PhD, Director of the Center for Nursing Research
Statistical collaboration, public health/nursing research projects, with
expertise in
• Inferential and non-parametric statistics (e.g., ANOVA, regression, mixed
models, t-test, chi-square)
• Systems science (Social Network Analysis, System Dynamics Modeling)
• Program evaluation (process and outcome) and quality improvement
Sarah Schmiege, PhD, Statistician, Assistant Research Professor
Statistical collaboration, health-promotion research, with expertise in
• Structural equation modeling (SEM), including exploratory and
confirmatory factor analysis
• Evaluating data from randomized controlled trials, including data
complexities (e.g., missing data, fidelity/adherence problems, longitudinal
data collection/analysis)
• Hierarchical modeling of clustered data, longitudinal growth curve
modeling, latent variable mixture modeling
Methodological Support Personnel
Paul Cook, PhD
Expertise in randomized controlled trials, multilevel modeling, program evaluation, and quality
Research focuses clinical psychology/psychotherapy background on problems in health-behavior
change (e.g., medication adherence, self-management of chronic diseases, HIV prevention, pediatric
obesity prevention)
Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RN
Expertise in missing-data methods, secondary-data analysis, research using Stata software
Research focuses on health care for at-risk populations (urban youth population)
Jacqueline Jones, PhD, BN, RN, FRCNA
Expertise in qualitative and mixed methods research
Research focuses on systems of surveillance and outcomes for older adults, team and systems science
Ellyn Matthews, PhD, RN, AOCN, CRNI
Expertise in quantitative/qualitative research design and methods
Research focuses on understanding symptom physiology and improving symptom management in
cancer patients, sleep-wake disturbance assessment and management in chronic illness, adherence to
behavioral therapies and lifestyle interventions
Methodological Support Personnel, Continued
Paula Meek, PhD, RN
• Expertise in advanced statistics, qualitative research design and methods,
psychometrics, outcomes research, clinical/translational research
• Research focuses on symptom physiologic, appraisal, and management in
chronic illness
Joan Nelson, DNP, RN
• Expertise in quality improvement and evidence-based practice
• Research focuses on geriatrics/population management
Joyce Verran, PhD, RN, FAAN
• 25+ years of funded research in the areas of (a) nursing care-delivery systems
(including acute-care work environments), (b) complexity of care in
ambulatory settings, and (c) nursing-practice models in rural communities
• Current research focuses on effects of contextual factors on patient healthstatus outcomes across the care continuum
CCNR: Benchmarks
Within One Year
Produce 3+ joint-research deliverables
Submit 1 infrastructure grant
Secure 7+ CCNR stakeholders
Within Two Years
Produce 4+ joint-research deliverables (i.e., article or grant
submissions) per year
The Colorado Collaborative
for Nursing Research
High-quality nursing research powers
high-quality nursing practice.