Staffing &
Manpower Planning
Meaning :
Staffing means appointing competent
persons according to the importance
of the post in the organization. It
means that more capable persons are
appointed on more important posts,
and comparatively less competent
persons can be appointed on less
important posts.
Definition:“ The staffing function pertains to the
recruitment , selection, development,
training and compensation of
subordinate managers.”
-Theo Haimann
Characteristics :
Related to human beings
Separate Managerial Function
Essential at Managerial Levels
Related to Social Responsibility
Effect of Internal & External
Importance :
 Helpful in Discovering & Obtaining
Competent Personnel
 Helpful in Better Performance
 Helpful in continuous Survival &
Growth of the Enterprise
 Helpful in Optimum utilization of
human resource
 Helpful in improving Job satisfaction &
Morale of Employees
Process :
Estimating the Manpower Requirement
Recruitment- Internal & External Sources
Placement & Orientation
Training & Development
Retention – Payment of fair remuneration
- Labour Relation
- Safety
Performance Appraisal
i) Retirement
ii) Termination
iii) Retrenchment
Manpower Planning
Meaning :
It means to ensure at what time and
in what number different categories
of employees will be needed by the
organization in future. As e result ,
neither the work of the organization
will suffer for want of employees nor
will there be unnecessary rise in costs
due to surplus employees.
Definition :
Manpower planning may be defined as a
strategy for the acquisition, utilization,
improvement and preservation of an
enterprise’s human resources.
Process :
 Forecasting Manpower Needs
Type Of Employees
Number of Employees
Determine the Types of Employees
 Job Description :
Job Identification
Job Summary
Machines , tools & Equipment used
Working Conditions
Job Relations
 Job Specification
Determine the number of
The next step is to determine that how
many persons with different characteristics
are needed by the institution. At the time
of determining the number of persons
required, the possibilities regarding
internal promotions, retirements,
resignations and dismissals etc. are also
taken into consideration
Importance of Job Analysis :
It reduces Misunderstanding
Provides greater Job Satisfaction
Helpful in recruitment & selection
Helpful in fixation of Wages & Salaries
Helpful in Training
Helpful in Performance Appraisal
Preparing Manpower programs.
Importance of Manpower Planning
Provide information of Manpower needs
To reduce Labour costs
To provide basis for Training
To facilitate the expansion of Business
To make possible the Optimum
Utilization of Manpower.