Captain’s Corner
Here it is almost September and summer is almost behind us. Hard to believe that soon we will be
back to long pants and jackets!!!
On Thursday, September 12th, we have our Placer Par Point Team Play (PPPL) here at Lincoln Hills.
The ladies from Sierra View, Auburn Valley and Catta Verdera will be joining our PPPL ladies and
playing along with us. I am hoping to get some volunteers from some of you ladies who are playing
that day, but not participating in the PPPL to help off load bags from our guests cars and putting them
on the appropriate carts. If you would like to volunteer your husband or significant other, that is
okay also. We would need you/them here at 6:30am and they should be done by 7:45am. There is
an 8:00am shotgun on that day. Please let Marguerite Hebert ( or
me know you can provide help.
Judy Dong and Lani Dodd are chairing our Club Championship (CC) this year (Sep 26 and Oct 3) You
must have played 10 games with us on Thursdays to be able to be in the competition. This event is
flighted so everyone has a chance to win. You need to sign-up on line for both days of the CC even if
you are playing follow the field. Also don’t forget our Awards dinner at 6:00pm on the final day of
the CC (October 3rd). Chose your entre and get your reservation and check into Lani. Sign-up sheet is
on our website under Special Events for the Dinner and under Sign-ups for playing.
I just re-sent the Registration Form for the Linkster/LHLGXVIII Breast Cancer Tournament to be held
Wednesday, September 25. Since the Linkster’s are chairing it this year it is a 9 hole event. You do
not need a partner, they will be pairing up the Linkster and LHLGXVIII members. Donna Sosko is our
representative for this event. (, 434-5427) I am hoping we have a good
turnout to support this tournament as it is a very worthy cause. Sign-up sheets are on-line under
Special Evnts.
So far Reta Blanchard, Lissi Bedford (twice), Kristin Anderson and Sylvia Feldman have all hit the
Barber Pole on their drives. I have taken Sylvia and Reta to lunch but still owe Lissi and Kristin. You
only have a few months left to hit the barber pole!!! And have me buy you a drink/lunch.
A few months ago, I asked for ladies who would be interested in learning our Tournament Players
Program (TPP) and being one of our Weekly Tournament Chairpersons. From that e-mail I received
one person, Remy Raquiza who was interested and Sylvia is going to put the program on her computer
and teach her the program. We are hoping to get at least 2 or 3 more ladies to want to learn the TPP
and be the weekly tournament chairpersons. If we have 3 ladies we can alternate months just like
they do at Turkey Creek. This way no one has to be around all year long. Both Sylvia Feldman and
Joyce Herrerias will be very glad to mentor anyone willing to learn.
At the meeting after the Awards Luncheon, I mentioned we now have Red/White Combo Tees for
Women. They are not on the scorecard yet, but the slope and rating are listed when you post.
Unfortunately the computer in the Pro Shop defaults to the combo tees, so be careful when you post
your score in the Pro Shop. Chris our handicap chairperson will catch it on our regular Thursday Play
Days, but if you are playing on another day, she would not catch it and it could affect your handicap
Also Cherie McGrath has been researching having “forward” tees for the ladies who still want to play
golf with us, but don’t feel they can be competitive any longer. We are hoping to have this in place
in 2014. It turns out that the Lincsters are also interested in “forward” tees. Cherie is going to be
meeting with Jason and Carol Golbranson from the Lincsters soon. Anyone who has any suggestions,
please let Cherie or I know.
Below are two reminders regarding scoring from our Rules Chairperson, Linda Anselmo:
Section I Etiquette:
"In stroke play, a player who is acting as a marker should, if necessary, on the way to the next tee,
check the score with the player concerned and record it."
In other words, if you are responsible for writing down the scores, check and resolve
any issues regarding the correct score before teeing off on the next hole.
Handicap Manual #4: Unfinished Holes
"A player who starts, but does not complete a hole must record for handicap purposes the most likely
"The most likely score may NOT exceed the player's Equitable Stroke Control limit. The most likely
score should be preceded by an "X"."
In other words, it is up to the player to decide her most likely score for a hole, which is not
necessarily her maximum and to add an "X" to that number.
Hope this helps us to all score the correct and fair and equitable way when playing with our group.
This is a reminder that if you know someone who needs some “sunshine”, please let Chris Jacobson
know and she will send them a card. (
Don’t forget if you have changes to your e-mail address, phone number, address, let Rita Drinkard
know about these changes.
Also let Pat Lewis know if you have any birdies and/or chipins.