Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies
Author: William Golding
Power Point
By: Sam Byers
About William Golding
• British writer
• Born on September 19, 1911 and died in 1993
• Studied Science and English at Oxford
• Fought in the Royal Navy during World War II
• When the war ended, he returned to teaching and writing
• Earned the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature
Facts about Lord of the Flies
Full title
Lord of the Flies
William Golding
Type of Work Novel
Adventure story, castaway fiction, loss of innocence, fiction
Time and place written
Early 1950’s in Salisbury, England
Date of first publication 1954
Narrator The story is told by an anonymous third person
Point of view The narrator speaks in the third person, primarily focusing
on Ralph’s point of view, but following Jack and Simon in certain
• Tone Dark, violent, tragic
Facts about the
Rejected 21 times before it was
Not successful until the early 1960s
On the American Library Association’s
list of the 100 most frequently
challenged books of 1990-2000
Ralph- The 12 year old boy who is
elected as the leader of the boys, he tries
to make the boys stay organized on the
island until they can get rescued.
Jack- One of the older boys, he becomes
the leader of the hunters but wants total
power and becomes very wild, and cruel
as the novel progresses.
Piggy- A whiny, smart boy who becomes
friends with Ralph, but is kind of an
outcast among the other boys.
Simon- The shy, sensitive boy of the
group. He is naturally “good” and
behaves kind toward the younger boys.
Sam & Eric- Twin boys that become close
allies with Ralph. The other boys on the
island call them “Samneric”.
Roger- Jack’s lieutenant. A cruel older
boy who is very violent and mean to the
little boys.
Littluns- the younger boys on the island,
who cry at night are afraid.
Things the boys needed
to survivor on the Island
Piggy’s glasses use to build the fire that
the boys kept lit, hoping that a passing
ship would rescues them.
The conch shell used when a member of
the boys was wanting to speak to the
group. Who ever held the conch could
speak without being interrupted by the
other boys.
Hand made spears used to spear fish
and hunt for the wild boars which the
boys used as food.
The Boys are Rescued
Stumbling out of the forest and into the sand,
ending at last with no place left run-stuck against the water, he falls
down, covering his face with his arms in a last defensive cry for mercy
preparing for the approach of the savages. Rising to his feet, he looks
up at the sight of a grown-up, a naval officer in full uniform. Behind him
a cutter sits on the beach. The officer asks Ralph where the grown-ups
where? All Ralph could do was cry!