Fund Manager Mtg 2.18.16

DOM Fund Manager Meeting
February 18, 2016
Visit from our OCGA
Analyst Team
Kathy Kawamura – Assistant Director
Ummi Sayers – Grant Analyst
Jeffrey Alonzo – Grant Analyst
ERS 100% Cookie Winners!
Infectious Diseases
Clinical Nutrition
ERS Statistics: 121 OPEN ERS reports
 121 reports are currently OVERDUE!
► Reminder: Every overdue report is a potential audit
Cayuse/S2S Common Review Comments
► Biosketch
 Use new NIH biosketch format (including header table and new
section C. Contributions)
 Per the new guidelines: “For each contribution, reference up to
four peer-reviewed publications or other non-publication research
 Remember to check the bibliography URLs and make sure they are
public, not private.
► Bibliography
 Please confirm publications are in compliance with NIH’s Public
Access Policy.
 Please list all authors in publications (no “et al”).
 If any unfunded effort (effort without salary), check yes and
indicate source/FAU to cover salary.
NIH Reminders
Rigors & Transparency in Research
 Authentication of Key Resources Plan
is NOT an optional upload!
 If this is not applicable to the research, then include a
justification as to why it is not applicable.
of uploaded PDF should be exactly:
“Authentication of Key Resources Plan.PDF”.
 Research Strategy
instructions for Significance & Approach
►DOM DRA will ask you to confirm you PI has
complied with the new instructions for the Research
NIH Reminders
► Vertebrate
Animals should include these 4
1. Description of Procedures
2. Justifications
for the # of animals used is no longer
3. Minimization of Pain and Distress
4. Euthanasia
of euthanasia only requires justification if it
is not consistent with AVMA recommendations
NIH RPPRs and Publications
► Why
doesn’t the publication my PI provided me
show up in Section C.1 (Products/Publications) of
the RPPR?
 The grant # has not been associated with the publication in My
► Demo
on MyNCBI:
 How to search for the publication
 How to add it to the PI’s My Bibliography or Other Citations
► What’s the difference?
 How to associate the grant # with the publication
Demo of New QDB Reports
Training Opportunities
Weekly FM Training Winter/Spring 2016
Semester began February 9th
RAF Meetings
 2nd Thursday of each month, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
 Semel Institute Auditorium
Master Calendar Training Schedule
► 11000
Kinross Avenue, Suite 210
► Must RSVP via the link above
► Contracts 101
 Wednesday, February 24th, 9:00 AM – Noon
► Outgoing Subaward Basics
 Wednesday, March 23rd, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM