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2010 SCIPP Quarknet Teacher Workshop Logistics
August 9th – August 13th, 2010
Dear Workshop participant,
Thank you for participating in the 2010 SCIPP Quarknet Teacher Workshop! We are
very excited to host 6 teachers this year!
For general Workshop information, please click on:
Not all info below may apply to you. If some reason you cannot participate in the
2010 Teacher Workshop, please email Vicki, Annika, Hartmut and Steve ASAP so we
make changes accordingly.
 Location of Teacher Workshop:
University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)
Natural Sciences 2, Room #307
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
We will meet daily from 9:00am – 5:00pm.
 Directions to UCSC:
Here is a great link for directions to UCSC from many areas:
See Detailed maps: Parking, Walking, Core-West, Upper Campus.
**Steve Kliewer would like to suggest that all Teacher’s (on-campus and off)
plan to meet Sunday night for dinner (~6pm). Please RSVP to Steve Kliewer:
Please enter via the main entrance, and go to the TAPS Parking Sales Office.
This is where you’ll buy your permit for parking on campus.
Very important- Please make this your first stop! The TAPS Office is open
from 7:00am – 5:00pm, m-f. When coming into the UCSC Campus via the
main entrance, please turn right at the first signal, and then take another
right. Go straight ahead to the TAPS Parking Sales Office, located in H Barn.
Please ask for either an “A” weekly, or “A” daily permit. The cost is
$27.00/week and $6.00/day. Detailed directions to TAPS:
Additional TAPS Info for Visitors:
 Meals:
There are many places to eat on campus and in Santa Cruz:
On Campus Dining: http://www.housing.ucsc.edu/dining/
Off Campus Dining: http://www.santacruz.com/Restaurants
 Cosmic Ray Muon Detectors:
Johnathan Hannan & Bill Taylor are sending the CRMDs they have for our use
at this workshop. Additionally, we will have one new CRMD. This means that
each participant should individually have full use of a detector system and
that those participants with new units. This will give all participants a great
opportunity for an excellent experience.
 Communications:
Cell phone coverage is extremely spotty on campus.
Vicki Johnson, in the SCIPP office (Natural Science II Bldg, room 337), will be
the main contact point: 831-459-4842, vicki@scipp.ucsc.edu
We will be able to get internet access and receive email at both the lab and
the dorms.
 Check in:
In any case, please plan to check in with Vicki in the SCIPP office (see above)
no later than 9 am each morning. She will have additional information about
where to meet. You will need to sign-in each day.
 Daily general schedule:
9 am
9-11 am
11-12 noon
12-1 pm
1-5 pm
Sign in
Morning presentation
Guest speakers with leading edge topics in science /Lab work
Guest speakers with leading edge topics in science / Lab work
Evening Activities:
Dinner, Boardwalk, Shakespeare, etc.
Summer hours of UCSC facilities and offices:
Dining Hall summer hours:
 Workshop Objectives:
Learning about:
High energy particle physics & cosmology
Quarknet Cosmic Ray Muon Detectors (CRMDs)
e-Lab data sharing and analysis
Designing experiments
Understanding measurements and statistical analysis
Designing and running CRMD experiments
Developing and sharing high-quality Unit & Lesson plans
 Things to Bring:
Be sure to bring a laptop computer. It can be either Windows or Mac but
must have an available USB port. Internet is available via cat 5 cable or wi-fi.
You will be taking notes, receiving file resources, researching the web,
communicating with your detector system, and analyzing the data. We will
install special communications and analysis software. Be sure you have
administrator access to your laptop. Check for:
Available USB port
Administrator access
Hyperterm or Zterm accessory software installed. These come with the
operating system.
Everyone will need a user id and password for the Quarknet eLab. If you
don’t already have one, please email me with your
preferred login name:
 Wireless Access - To sign into CruzNet please follow these
Guest Access Login Procedure:
Click on the "Guest Access" button located on the CruzNet login page.
Read the UC computing policies and click the "I Acknowledge" button.
Click on the "Logout" button when finished.
Guest Access Guidelines:
Logon time is no more than 3-hours. You will have to re-authenticate after 3hours.
The UC computing policies have to be acknowledged at each logon.
Guests are able to connect to any IP network with the limited bandwidth of
64Kbps upstream and 128Kbps downstream.
 Things to Do in Santa Cruz:
SCIPP Website: http://scipp.ucsc.edu/info/recreation/index.html
Many Restaurants, shops, stores
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: http://www.beachboardwalk.com/ 11am –
A summary of summery things to do at UCSC:
Shakespeare Santa Cruz: Julius Caesar, Midsummer Nights Dream,
Shipwrecked http://shakespearesantacruz.org/
$25 - $38. Festival Glen 7:30 pm.
Seymour Marine Center: Daily 10 am to 5 pm, $5, lab tours at 1, 2, & 3 pm.
North on Mission, Left on Swift, Right on Delaware, 100 Shaffer Road, Santa
Cruz, 95060, 831-459-3800
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone, email, or drop by the
If you have not previously received a payment from UCSC please fill
out the following forms:
(In order to receive your stipend or $100.00 per day, the University requires specific
Payee Set-up/Form 204 (all)
Direct Payment Form (for stipend)
There may be additional forms when you arrive. Please contact Vicki
vicki@scipp.ucsc.edu with any questions about forms.