Integrated Marketing Plan

Doron Tamari
Kim Fishman
Jacob Grill-Abramawitz
MediaMark – Existing Puma Customers
• Age bracket 18-24: Index of 285
• Men aged 18-34: Index over 200
• $20,000-$29,999 and $75,000-$149,999
– Must offer wide range of products
MediaMark – The Golf Market
• Golf Digest – Publication with highest
index of individuals who purchase golf
• Maxim – Readership is 2.24 times more
likely to have purchased golf clubs in last 12
– Maxim readers also twice as likely to have
purchased Puma in the last 12 months – great
Current Ads
Target Market
• Men
• Ages 18-34
• Currently attending or graduated from
• Read national magazines and popular
online sites
• Income is upwardly mobile
– Currently may be lower but will increase over
• Performance and style come together
• Less expensive than Nike and adidas but
quality is very high
• Younger, cooler, more modern
Creative Strategy Statement
& Themes
• Campaign will target men, ages 18-34, and
promote the PUMA Golf brand as one of
high performance, high fashion, and high
value. By expanding the reach of the brand,
we hope to increase sales and market share
in the long-run.
• “Unleash Your Inner PUMA”
IMC Mix: Print Advertising
• Focus on magazines that appeal to current
market and target golf market
– ESPN The Magazine, MAXIM, Golf Digest
• Ads will run 1 week prior to PUMA Open
• Will direct people to website
– Information on PUMA Open
– Information on sponsored athletes
– Information on products and innovations
Print Ad Message
• Comparative ad between Nike Golf and
• Bold, captivating, and powerful
• Puma is greater than Nike
• Point is to increase awareness of brand as
golf performance apparel, footwear and
equipment maker
• Also goes along with theme of “Unleash Your
Inner PUMA”
IMC Mix: Online Advertisement
• Banner ads on
• men who surf are
– 74% more likely to purchase golf clothing under
– 101% more likely to purchase clothing between
– 118% more likely to purchase golf clothing over
Online Ad Plan
• Will start several weeks prior to PUMA Open
• Will direct people to website again
• Will echo campaign themes
The Puma Open
• Cost is approximately $6 million to sponsor
elite PGA Tour event
• Would be held each year in March
• Location most likely Palm Harbor, Tampa,
• In addition to title, sponsorship would allow
for advertising throughout tournament
• Ricky Fowler – PUMA sponsored golfer
Objectives & Mix
• (26,000,000/52)/1,000,000=50% of target
• Midwest is target; Northeast and South are
• Pulsing scheduling
Bottom-up Budgeting
• Goal is to close the gap between Puma and
Nike – attract 20% more consumers
• Sponsorship of Puma Open - $6 million
• Golf Digest Ad - $76,402
• ESPN the Magazine Ad- $173,056
• Maxim Ad- $228,460
• Online ads - $100,000
• Total Cost – Approximately $6.5 million
• Traffic driven to websites
– Analytics including total visits, clicks, time
spent on page, and online sales
• TV Viewership of PUMA Open on major
• Attendance at PUMA Open
• Brand evaluations before and after
marketing campaign
• Connecting existing PUMA customers and
partners with PUMA Golf brand
– Magazines, Internet, and Sponsorships
• High performance, high fashion, high value
• Increase brand awareness and enter into
customers’ evoked set of golf products
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