Board of Directors Meeting October 12, 2012JSOC SWOT Analysis

Board of Directors Meeting
October 12, 2012
Jacksonville System of Care
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)
 Strong child advocacy groups
 Faith Based Community
 System of Care Grant
 Numerous interconnected community initiatives
 Numerous child-serving organizations
 Network of resources
 Knowledgeable community stakeholders
 Successful history of past transformation
 Strong System of Care leadership and Board of
 Supportive infrastructure from the Jacksonville
Children’s Commission
 Expertise within Board of Directors
 High level of trust between organizations
 Consolidated local government
 System of Care Grant
 Data driven community
 Difficult to navigate system resources
 Funding streams drive service delivery
 Geographical location of facilities for families who need services
 Transportation issues
 Lack of consistent messaging within advocacy groups
 Time commitment of stakeholders to system change
 Governmental funding barriers and restrictions on the state and local
 Weak partnership with Medicaid and Manage Care Organizations
 Difficulty accessing funding
 Racism
 Lack of value for children
 Rate of poverty
 Lack of common identifier for all children that is unique
 Lack understanding of data
 Lack of effective technology usage
 Generalized perception of how the entire community views the
System of Care
 Lack of understanding of the critical nature of children’s mental
health within the criminal justice system
 Lack of professional training to work with children suffering from
mental health issues
 Capacity to adequately serve mental health needs
Board of Directors Meeting
October 12, 2012
 Build on existing structures and resources
 Universal homeless screening processes
 Managing Entity
 Family Run Organizations (i.e. Federation of
 Existence of additional funding (HUD, “no
wrong door”)
 Maximize external funding
 Capitalize on positive movements nationally
and globally
 Utilize social media
 Engage in television broadcastings
 Frameworks - Change community attitudes
towards mental health
 Train professionals in Evidence Based Practices
 Develop succession plan for future leaders
 JCCI Initiative (1-2-3 and 2025 studies)
 System of Care Funding
 Unknown influences – ( Healthcare Reform, Election)
 Changing demographic of children
 Unpredictable funding streams
 Low priority in funding for children’s mental health
 Budget cuts
 Loss of carve-outs
 Not enough time to work with families
 Labeling youth to get services
 Political climate
 Policy maker’s perception of mental health and substance abuse
 Professional perceptions of infant mental health diagnosis
 Lack of efficiency of identifying children with mental health issues
 Lack of capacity to serve children with mental health issues
 Unwillingness to translate system of care principles and knowledge
into practice
 Failure to prepare next generation in the workforce
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