Clinical Research Associates – Community Engagement
Job Description
March 16, 2016
Job Description and Respnsibilities:
The Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR) seeks a Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
for their Community Engagement Program. The CRA will primarily be responsible for identifying and
communicating with relevant community groups in order to make known priority community needs.
The CRA will interface closely with the Clinical Research Liaison as specific research projects are being
developed and conducted in their respective regions (initially located in Detroit, Flint, and Ypsilanti). The CRA
will engage in one-on-one meetings with community leaders and social service agency personnel, present to
community groups, and generally involve themselves in the life of the community. Ideal candidates will already
be involved with the community they serve (Detroit, Flint, or Ypsilanti), and will be ready to offer insight into the
barriers that separate the scientific community from the public. The CRA will attend each meeting of the
Community Engagement Coordinating Council and discuss their perspective of community problems that could
benefit from clinical research.
In order to ensure that investigators address key community issues, the CRA will provide a direct connection to
the community, and will work with the Research Liaison to ensure that the investigators have an understanding
of the community that will be involved with the research study, and maintain a strong working relationship with
community members throughout the research project. The CRA will work with the Research Liaison to identify
community expectations and the track the initiatives and activities implemented to meet those expectations;
help the Liaison incorporate community and cultural perspectives as studies are being written and prior to IRB
approval; and interface with the community via public presentations, and on-going community activities.
Requires a Bachelor’s degree in health, social science, or a related field. Two to Five years of experience in
health related field preferred. Proficiency in community-based research protocols with extensive involvement
in Flint, Detroit, or Ypsilanti communities required.
Demonstrated strengths in oral and written
communications, research, editing and presentation skills as well as ability to handle multiple projects
simultaneously considered favorably. Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to work with
teams. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and maximum collaboration in a team
environment. Excellent communication skills and public speaking experience is desired. Familiarity with
multiple computer software applications, including: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Publisher.
Attention to detail and commitment to timely customer service and communication is necessary.
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