Odyssey grammar worksheet KEY

Odyssey: Grammar Worksheet
Read each of the sentences below, finding and correcting ALL mistakes in grammar and spelling.
The greek epics are way older than the roman ones.
2. Although they were composed in Homer’s day, the epics are about heroes who lived many
centuries before Homer.
3. Epics tell us a lot about the values and morals of the culture they represent.
4. The Odyssey tells a lot about Greek religious beliefs.
5. A poet like Homer, who some scholars think was blind, played the harp and sang the epic of
6. Many people already may have known of Odysseus’ voyage.
7. The Trojan War, the subject of Homer’s other epic the Iliad, was started when Helen runs off
with Paris.
8. They say she was a woman so beautiful she launched a thousand ships.
9. Odysseus’ crew is loyal to him at the beginning of the journey, but some grow to distrust
10. However, some of them die while trying to be faithful to Odysseus.
11. The cyclops is a disgusting creature who eats Odysseus’ friends.
12. When he bashed their heads together and devoured them, I felt disgusted.
13. If I would have been Odysseus, I would never have stayed with Calypso for so long.
14. I would have just told her I had to go.
15. When Odysseus arrives home, only his dog and old nurse recognize him.
16. He swears the nurse to secrecy and thinks about how to get rid of the suitors.
17. Virgil’s Aeneid is not about Greeks; it’s about Trojans.
18. After their home city is destroyed, they have to wander the world until they find a new place to
19. Aeneas and his followers on the Italian peninsula become the first Romans.
20. Establishing a new country for themselves, the Trojans began the Roman Empire, which was to
become as great as that of the Greeks.