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The mission of the California Telehealth Network is to promote advanced
information technologies and services to improve access to high quality
healthcare focusing on medically underserved and rural Californians.
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Installation Toolkit
Welcome to the California Telehealth Network (CTN)! You are now part of one
of the largest broadband telehealth networks in the country.
CTN is here to provide you with an affordable, medical grade broadband
This presentation includes:
 Detailed description of installation steps
 Installation flow diagram
 Progress checklist
 Variety of tools and templates
We strongly suggest that share this Installation Toolkit with your administrative,
clinical and technical staff.
This toolkit contains all the information necessary to make your installation
quick and efficient and to make the most of your new high speed broadband
Toolkit Reference Guide
To complete the install, you will be working with the following:
 CTN Staff
 AT&T Staff
 Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) staff
 Your site’s staff
The following items are available in this toolkit to guide you through your high
speed broadband installation process:
1. Installation Instructions – slides 4 - 6
2. Color-coded Installation Flow Diagram – slide 8
3. Installation Checklist – slide 9
4. Installation Document Center – slides 10 - 18
 FAQs
 Letter for reception
 Signage for the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE)/Telephone Closet
 Press Release template
 Inside Wiring Requirements & Instruction
Installation Instructions
High Speed Broadband Circuit Installation
The process described below is a step by step progression, involving CTN, AT&T,
the Local Exchange Carrier and your own site’s staff. To assist you, this kit
contains a color-coded installation flow diagram, a checklist so you can keep
track of where you are in the installation process and additional resources.
2. After circuit order submission, a technician from the Local Exchange Carrier
(LEC) will arrive at your facility to check the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE).
The MPOE is a room or closet with a telephone panel where phone service
enters your building. The technician will ensure adequate facilities are available
to deliver the ordered data circuit.
1. Upon receipt of your signed membership agreement, CTN staff submitted the
following on your behalf:
a) Request for funding from the Universal Service Administrative
Company (USAC) for the network speed you ordered
b) A circuit order to AT&T
Installation Instructions
High Speed Broadband Circuit Installation
2 (b). It is very important to let your staff know that an unscheduled site visit
could occur. Please give necessary instructions to your staff in order to allow the
technician to access your MPOE. LEC technicians will have proper identification
when requesting access. Refer to slide 13 for front office staff instructions and
4. If you plan to locate the CTN router at your MPOE, other than installing
telephone jacks, no additional wiring concerns exist as your router will be next
to the CTN circuits. If you plan to locate the CTN router in a location other than
your MPOE, you will need to extend inside wiring (both data circuit and phone
line) from your MPOE to your planned router location. Refer to slide 15 for
inside wiring requirements.
3. The LEC technician will install the CTN data circuit and a phone line. These
two steps will not occur simultaneously. In cases of higher speed circuit
installation, a LEC pre-survey may be required. The data circuit provides your
broadband and the phone line allows remote management of the new router.
Installation Instructions
High Speed Broadband Circuit Installation
5. When the necessary inside wiring has been completed or extended, notify
CTN at (855) 385-5082.
7. Within two weeks of the completion of the site survey (step six), AT&T will
schedule a router installation, test and turn-up. The router will be shipped
directly to your site. Do not open the router box upon acceptance of delivery.
The router box should be opened by the AT&T technician only.
Please have your technical representative available at the time of installation,
test and turn up of the router and circuit. Your new high speed circuit is ready
to go!
6. AT&T will schedule a site survey. This may happen while inside wiring is in process.
The site survey will consist of the following:
a) Confirm that the circuit and phone line has been installed.
b) Ensure your sites inside wiring is extended to the router location.
c) Confirm that space and environmental requirements at the router
location are satisfactory.
Installation Instructions
High Speed Broadband Circuit Installation
8. After installation of the router you will receive an e-mail from CTN with your
IP addresses. Please pass this information on to your IT staff. If you have not
received this e-mail within five business days after installation, notify CTN at
(855) 385-5082.
10. Congratulations! Your installation is now complete.
9. Your technical staff can connect any existing equipment for use on the CTN.
CTN is available to schedule video testing anytime. To schedule testing, please
call (855) 385-5082.
Process Flow
Installation Checklist
Use this checklist to track your progress of each step.
Installation Document Center
High Speed Broadband Circuit Installation
The following items are available in the Document Center:
Inside Wiring
& Instructions
Press Release
Reception Area
Signage for the
Minimum Point
of Entry
(MPOE) /
Installation Document Center - FAQs
1. Who can I call for technical assistance?
 Contact CTN at (855) 385-5082
3. It seems to take a long time from the time I sign the agreement to install.
Why is that?
 The process we have deployed in supporting the turn-up of each site is
very complex and involves many different tasks. The coordination of
these tasks, including filing all paperwork with USAC, takes about 90
days if all goes well. While it is a lengthy process, it is necessary for
reimbursement and assuring that each site gets the quality, medical
grade network they are requesting.
2. When will my site be turned up?
 The process takes about 90 days to complete once the order is placed
with AT&T. Through that process, you will be visited by the LEC to do a
survey and install the circuit in the MPOE. You will then be visited by
the AT&T Managed Router Technician to do a survey and prepare for
installation. They will return once your inside wiring is complete and
complete the install.
Installation Document Center - FAQs
4. What service speeds can I get?
 1.5 mbps, 6mbps, 10 mpbs or 45 mpbs
6. I’m a model community site and I have telemedicine equipment showing up
shortly. Who will put it together and install it?
 CTN provides the circuit and can provide training. The equipment you
receive is provided through grants. In some cases those grants provide
for installation, in others it is the site’s responsibility. Please check with
your coordinator to see what help is available. If help is unavailable,
CTN will attempt to coordinate and/ or provide assistance.
5. Can I use the CTN network to connect to the internet?
 The CTN circuit can be connected to the internet, but used only to
support healthcare activities (such as administration/business
functions, healthcare information, etc.). It cannot be used for gaming,
connecting to or downloading non-healthcare related materials (music,
videos, etc.), shopping and other questionable sites (adult sites, etc.).
Traffic on the CTN circuit will be monitored for inappropriate and
questionable activities.
Installation Document Center - Signage
SIGNAGE – Reception Area
Installation Document Center - Signage
SIGNAGE – Telephone Closet (MPOE)
Installation Document Center –
Wiring Requirements
Your site is responsible for preparing the wiring, electrical and room for the
installation of the CTN equipment. This equipment consists of a router and a
modem. Please provide a copy of this page to your IT support staff.
Power and Wiring Requirements
If the CTN equipment is to be installed in a location other than the MPOE, the
customer is responsible to extend the inside wiring and network services to the
equipment. The specific inside wire requirements will depend on the type of
service you have. See the next slide for service speeds.
Three 110/125 VAC receptacles for the new equipment that will be installed
within five (5) feet of the location of the CTN equipment. A plug strip will not be
Installation Document Center –
Wiring Requirements
Service Speeds:
 For speeds 1.5M (2 Pair) and 6M (8PR), AT&T will require copper
twisted pairs for the data circuit and 1 pair for the phone line.
 For 10M delivered on copper, AT&T will require 12 copper twisted pairs
plus one pair for the phone line.
Important: When your site has completed the necessary wiring and room
preparation, contact CTN at (855) 385-5082.
Heating and Cooling
Sufficient heating/cooling is required to maintain a suitable temperature.
 For 10M and 45M delivered on fiber optics, the inside extension will be
two coax cables for the data and one copper pair for the phone line.
Installation Document Center –
Wiring Requirements
Hazardous Chemicals
The MPOE/telephone closet must be free from hazardous chemicals and
materials such as cleaning chemicals and hazardous waste.
Safe Work Environment
Local Area Network
It is up to individual site(s) to integrate the CTN connection into their network in
a way that best suits their needs.
The MPOE/telephone closet should be free of clutter, allowing technicians
access to the work area. If the room doubles as a storage area, any items that
interfere with access to the work area or that present a safety hazard due to
spillage/falling must be appropriately relocated.
Installation Document Center –
Press Release Template
Insert Site Logo/Letterhead
(Insert Site Name) announced today a major improvement in providing access to health care in (Insert
Community Name).
The California Telehealth Network (CTN), completed installation of high speed broadband network
services that will enable (Insert Community Name) access to medical specialists, preventative health
care and other health care services via telemedicine. Telemedicine allows patients to see providers of
care remotely using videoconferencing technologies.
The CTN project intends to leverage and build upon California's historic and recent investments in
telehealth by continually supporting rural health clinics that are providing vital services to individuals and
families in need.
“We are pleased to be able to offer our patients and local clinical staff access to remote health care
services through the CTN. This is a significant step in improving health care and the health of our
community,” stated (name).
The CTN is a statewide broadband network dedicated to health care with the goal of significantly
increasing access to acute, primary and preventive health care in rural and medically underserved
areas of California.
 Contact Information
 Website:
 California Telehealth Network
2001 P Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95811