Section III - North Carolina Soccer Referees Association

USSF North Carolina Arbiter
Referee Assignment Site
An Introduction & Guide for Use
by Referees
© Copyright June 2005 by Paul James, all rights reserved
The Calendar Function
Clicking on the Calendar link from the
Start Page brings up this page.
For Game Assignments the
Calendar is the most important
• Arbiter displays officials as being available
for games to the assignors based on the
availability shown in your calendar.
• It is critical that you keep this information
up to date.
• You can change your availability at any
Setting the Calendar
• You set your calendar for assigning
purposes by putting complete or partial
blocks on those dates and times when you
are not available to referee.
• If you are a member of two or more Arbiter
groups you can set the blocks to be in
effect for all groups or only for selected
If you are a member of two or more Arbiter groups the group
numbers and a check box for each group will be displayed in
the upper left corner of your calendar page under the heading
Only the groups checked are effected by any blocks you set.
The default setting is all groups are checked. If you cannot
remember which number belongs to which Group, just put
your mouse over the group number and a box will appear with
that group’s name.
To set or clear blocks on your calendar click on the circle in
front of the action you wish to take under the heading Action.
How to set a total block for a
To set a complete block for a single date
you should click on the Block All Day
circle and then put your mouse over the
date you want to block and click on the
date number. The date block should turn
dark red.
This screen shows a total block has been set for June 22, 2005. In the
display below the calendar it also shows all blocks affecting that date
and the groups for which those blocks are effective.
By clicking on the trash can icon beside the listed block you can also
remove that block for that date.
To set a complete block over a sequential series of dates follow the
earlier procedure but also enter the date range and check the days of
the week to which you wish the block to be applied during that date
range as indicated below.
When the apply button is clicked a complete block will be set on
each date in the specified date range so long as the day of the week is
also checked. Any day of the week not checked will not be blocked.
This is what the screen shows after the apply button has been
clicked. As you can see, all the specified dates show in dark red,
meaning a complete block has been set on those days.
Setting Partial Date Blocks
Part Day Blocks are set the same way as Complete
Day Blocks except you also need to specify a
starting and ending time. You must also click on
the part day block circle.
Clearing blocks
To clear blocks click on the clear blocks circle
and then click on either the individual calendar
date or specify the date range and click apply.
Calendar Dates Coloring
• On the left side of the calendar screen is
an explanation of what the colors on the
calendar mean.
• White means the day is free for assigning
• Dark red means the referee is unavailable
for the entire day.
• Rose means the referee is unavailable for
a part of the day.
Calendar Dates Coloring (cont.)
• Green means the referee is attached to
one or more games on that day.
• Dark blue means the referee has a
published assignment that day.
• Light blue means the referee has a
pending but not released assignment that
Setting Blocks on Dates with
Pending Assignments
• If you set a block on a date for which you
already have either a pending or a
published assignment, the block will NOT
be effective.
• However, as soon as the pending or
published game has been removed by an
assignor the block will become effective.
Printing Your Calendar
To print a copy of your calendar click on the Calendar link beside the
printer icon on the calendar page. This screen will then display. Set
the month ranges to print and select the output format and then press
print. You must have your browser set to allow pop up windows for
this function to work.
Setting Team Blocks
• If you do not want to be assigned to
officiate a particular team’s games you
should block that team.
• Blocking a team means you will not be
assigned to that team’s games but you
may still be assigned games when that
team is playing.
• You can block up to 6 teams at this time.
To block a team or teams, from the Start Page click on teams under
the Blocks heading. This will bring up the block teams screen.
Block Teams Screen
This is the initial block teams screen. Unless you wish to scroll through
all teams alphabetically, and there will be thousands of them, you
should click on the letter the team name begins with and then click
show all.
In this example the W was clicked on and then show all, bringing up
all teams beginning with W. In order to block one or more of these
teams click on the box under the red column header next to the
desired team. If you only wish to block home or away games of the
team unclick the category you do not want blocked and click Apply
and then Save.
The Forms Link
The Forms link is found under the Account heading on the left hand
side of the Start Page. The Forms link will bring up a list of web
links that take you to various pages and functions.
At the moment the Forms link contains the following list of web
page links and interactive forms. Each of these can be reached by
clicking on the blue URL link beside it. This is where Assignor
Contact Info, State Cup and other tournament info, and many useful
downloadable or fillable forms will be found. Assignors can add
and remove these links.
The Information Link
On the lower left hand side of the Start Page is the Information
Link. This is the key to maintaining all your personal contact and
USSF referee information.
Referee Contact Information Page
It is the Referee’s Responsibility to
Keep This Info Up To Date
The SSN is
required to
payment but is
blocked here
for security
The Social Security Number
• You must have a SSN in the system in
order to be paid.
• However, the number is not available to
anyone except assignors.
• It is only provided to invoice recipients on
game invoices.
The Email Address
• An accurate email is CRITICAL
• If yours changes for any reason log in
using the old email and then change your
email in the system by replacing what is
displayed with the new one and then
saving that page.
Referee Photo
If we have a photo on file for
you it will be displayed here.
You can load your own if we
do not have one. To load
your own click on picture.
Load Your Own Photo
Using a .jpeg or .gif file of the size specified you can load or reload
(change) your file picture simply by using the browse button to list the
directory on your computer where the picture file is stored and then
clicking upload.
Adding or Changing Phone
Click on the phones link to
bring up the phone
numbers screen
Clicking on the phone numbers link brings up this page. If no phone
numbers were listed there would just be the header bar with the plus
button. Clicking the plus button will open a box to add a new phone
number. You can edit or delete an existing phone number using the
pencil or trash can icons. You can also rearrange the order using the up
and down arrows.
If the public box is not
checked then only assignors
can see that number
Adding A Phone Number
Clicking on the + button opens a new line.
Select the category in which the number
belongs, enter it, decide whether it is to be
public and add any note you need, then
click the green save check mark. Repeat
as necessary to add more numbers.
Editing A Phone Number
To edit an existing phone number click on the pencil icon and
when the yellow line displayed below opens, make any changes
and click the green save mark to close the box.
Misc. Fields
The Misc. Fields link brings up the
page containing all of your USSF
Referee Information, Tournament
sign up fields, and other fields.
This is the top half of the Misc. Fields page.
The fields in light gray you can view but not
change. The other fields you can change.
This is the lower half of the Misc. Fields page. It is here where
tournament sign up fields will show up. As you see the Veteran’s Cup
listed now. Also, this is where you list tournament roommate requests
and special requests. In the field for any listed tournament for which you
wish to referee you will be asked to enter the supplied tournament code
and the housing request code. The process is explained in tournament
protocols which can be found under the forms link.
It is here also in the USSF Assignor 1, 2, and 3 fields where you can list
the assignors from whom you wish to receive games. Here also you
should up date your age field every year.
Other Start Page Functions
Summary allows you to
print a list of all of your
blocks for the group you
are logged into.
The three contacts links
allow you to see an
interactive list of all
contacts, and also contacts
associated with sites or
teams. Contacts are people
such as coaches, field
administrators, etc.