McLaughlin College Student Orientation 2004

Welcome to the McLaughlin
College Academic Orientation
Tues., August 28, 2012
45th anniversary: 2013
Platform Guests
• Ian Greene, Master of McLaughlin College & Prof of
Public Policy & Administration, Pol Sci, and Law
► Terry Conlin, McLaughlin Academic Advisor
► Martin Singer, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts &
Professional Studies
► David Mutimer, Political Science & GPS
► Alena Kimakova, School of Public Policy & Admin
► Evan Wickham, President, McLaughlin College
Student Council
► Alex Papatchidis & Shazia Hafiji, VPs, McLaughlin
College Student Council
► Some McLaughlin Fellows, including Profs Philip
MacEwen, James Simeon, Peter Constantinou & Tom
Wilson; and Ross McMillan, & Randall Pilson
(McLaughlin Graduate & Brass player)
McLaughlin College Orientation
College: community of students and faculty
dedicated to working together in the pursuit of
knowledge and the development of the whole person
Based on the very successful Oxford-Cambridge
tradition of 700 years.
 Academic support -Interdisciplinary setting
 Extracurricular activities
-Sports, fitness, music, drama
(first Master)
 Residences (Mitch Burney, Residence Life Coordinator for Tatham Hall.
Tatham Hall is named after McLaughlin’s first Master)
Only three universities in Canada have colleges for all undergraduate
students. We’re privileged at York to have the college system. Each
college has its own history and traditions. McLaughlin – founded 1968
Sam McLaughlin
Founder, McLaughlin Motor Works,
(later GM Canada), benefactor of
McLaughlin College
McLaughlin College Orientation
Gowns and hoods: why are some of us wearing them?
 Remember college values of social justice, respect,
development of the whole person, service to community. You’ll
be reminded of your social obligations at convocation.
Please take advantage of college activities and other
opportunities at the university. These will open an
amazing number of doors.
► Attend the Lunch Talk Series (mid-September to March)
in Senior Common Room (free lunch, great speakers
with short talks; lots of Q & A)
► First talk: Thursday Sept 20: McLaughlin’s illustrious &
imfamous history – from our first students
► McLaughlin is a home both for residence and commuter
students – use the Study Hall, Dynamacs, recreational
facilities, student club offices, foyer area, courtyard,
student lounge (016)
York’s Colleges
► Complex
I Colleges (where we are now)
 McLaughlin: Public Policy
► Political
Science, Sociology, Criminology, Law & Society, Public
Policy & Administration, Global Political Studies, Work & Labour
Studies, Social Science degree. Residence students come
from all programs and Faculties, and we have some undecided
major students
 Vanier: Humanities, Economics, Business & Society,
Philosophy, etc.
 Founders: “Self, Culture and Society” -- History,
Women’s Studies, Development Studies, Environmental
Studies, Geography, Area Studies, etc.
 Winters: all programs in Faculty of Fine Arts &
York’s Colleges
► Complex
II Colleges (West end of campus):
 Stong: Health Policy, Nursing, Kinesiology,
 Bethune: Science & Engineering
 Calumet: Psychology, Business, Cognitive
► Glendon College: a liberal arts faculty & college
combined at Bayview & Lawrence – bilingual,
public affairs – located in East Toronto (gorgeous)
► New College: Administrative Studies, Human
Resources Management, Information Technology
Greetings from York Leaders
York University President Mamdouh Shoukri:
You may see him at lunch today!
Department of Sociology
Nancy Mandell, Chair
Vari Hall, 2060-C, ext. 77999;
► Larry
Lam, Undergraduate
Program Director (at right, receiving
award for outstanding service
to students):
Vari Hall 2098 ext 77995;
Department of Political Science
←Ananya Mukherjee-Reed is the Chair
Room: S669 Ross
Ph: 416-736-2100 ext. 20266 or
ext 33197
Martin Breaugh is the Undergraduate
Program Director, →
Ross S638, ext 88832;
Global Political Studies:
David Mutimer , Reseach Tower 731, ext 46007;
Department of Social Science
► Chair:
Kimberley White
 S 734 Ross, ext. 20546→
► Undergraduate
Director: Peggy Keall;
 S 742 Ross, ext. 77176
► The
Department of Social Science houses
Criminology, Law and Society, and Work &
Labour Studies
Other Program Coordinators
► Law
& Society: David Szablowski
(S 738 Ross, ext. 77814,
> Criminology: Prof. James Williams,
(S724 Ross, ext 20547,
> Work and Labour Studies: (Paul
Craven, ext 55678, S759 Ross,; Craig Heron, Vari
2186, ext 30416)
Public Policy and Administration
► Prof.
Daniel Cohn,
Chair, School of Public
Policy & Administration
(SPPA): 122 McLaughlin,
ext 77276;
UPD of SPPA: Alena Kimakova, 138 McLaughlin,
ext 66066;
Evan Wickham
McLaughlin Student Council President
McLaughlin Student Council
 Room 143 McLaughlin College
Sports and Rec: 143 McLaughlin
Council Activities for Students
 “Dynamacs”
 Ski trips, Niagara Falls, Medieval Times
 Montreal trip: 3 nights and 4 days
 The McLaughlin Formal (March)
Student clubs in McLaughlin College
 Political Science, Sociology, Public Policy & Administration, Model
UN, Model NATO, Criminology, Law & Society, Global Political
Studies, Peace By Peace, Moot Society, Work & Labour Studies,
Debating Society, Poverty Eradication Project, Save the Children,
War Child Canada, Pre-Law Society, Student Assoc for Single
Parents, Mentoring Arts Tutoring Athletics, etc. (Sign-up sheets
on tables)
 In addition: MacMedia, Choir, Concert Band, Tatham Hall Council
Social Orientation
(frosh week)
September 2 – September 11
Purchase your frosh kit from Evan or any member of the of the Student
Council at the back of this room. This includes all the events shown
on the schedule – a terrific value! You can sign up all day today but
the best time is lunch time.
Mitchel Burney
Residence Life Coordinator Tatham Hall
(McLaughlin College Residence), ext 77091
Shazia Hafiji: Themed Community Coordinator:
Terry Conlin
McLaughlin Academic Advisor
► Your
key to academic
success at York
► 226 McLaughlin
ext 77092;
► Peer Advisors
► Faculty Advisors
► MALL (McLaughlin
Academic Lifeline)
Schedule Aug 28
Please Rate as A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, E or F: ↓
8:30 am
Continental Breakfast & meet people in your department
9:00 am
Welcome to McLaughlin College
10:00 am
Student Success: Study Secrets & Time Management
11:00 am
Managing Your Money and Planning Your Future
12:00 pm
Lunch With Your Peer Advisor
1:30 pm
Getting A’s at York: Terry Conlin
2:30 pm
McLaughlin College Council and York Federation of
Students: Student Government, Student Social Orientation,
Student Clubs & YOU!
3:15 pm
Student Theatre Performance
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Welcome to York & McLaughlin!