Chapter IX Nature, Structure, Goals and Content of Makabayan

Chapter IX
Nature, Structure, Goals and
Content of Makabayan
Dalisay V. Rigor, Ph.D. Reporter: Noel M. Villamiel
At the end of this Chapter, the
learner should be able to:
• 1. analyze the nature, goals and contents of
• 2. present scenarios where Makabayan is
• 3. appreciate Makabayan as a learning area.
Nature and Structure of
• What is said of Makabayan as a learning area?
• Is said to be a “a laboratory of life” or a practice
• Is a learning area that provides the Filipino learner
the quality time to demonstrate practical
knowledge and skills of empathy, vocational
efficiency and problem solving in daily life.
• Love of country serves as the unifying principle for
the diverse values in this learning area, thus it is
called pagkakabayan or makabayan for short.
As a practice environment,
• Makabayan will cultivate in the learner a
healthy, personal and national self concept
which includes an adequate understanding
of Phil. History and a genuine appreciation
of our local culture, crafts, arts, music and
• It will also promote a constructive or
healthy patriotism which is neither hostile
nor isolationist toward other nations but
appreciative of global interpendence.
The core competencies in the
• Elementary level
come from varied
disciplines such as
Social Studies,
Home Economics,
Physical Education,
Health, Music and
• Secondary level
competencies come
from Araling
Technology and
Education, MAPEH,
Training, and
Edukasyon sa
• These competencies will be developed
through integrated units of learning
task whenever such integrated units
are possible and appropriate
• Each of the five learning areas
addresses both the individual and
social needs of the learners.
Edukasyong pagpapahalaga
• Was offered effective 2005-2006 in
the first year, and will be offered in
the second year in 2006-2007, and
2007-2008 in the third year, and be
completed in 2008-2009 in the fourth
• As per Dep-Ed Order No.35, S.2006)
Last Slide
• Now it will be up to my 2 TCP classmates
to elaborate or explain further about
Makabayan in elementary school and
also in H.S or secondary … then after
them I will conclude it by my Scope and
Sequence of Makabayan. Finally Teaching
and Learning Makabayan by a SPED
• So me, 2 TCP, me again and then last