Please have out something to write with and two sheets of paper

How much of a millennial
are you??
Please # your paper 1-10
Have you ever watched Netflix?
Have you ever borrowed a Netflix login to avoid paying?
Have you ever binge watched an entire TV show series?
Have you ever become overly emotional by fictional characters on
Have you ever pirated music?
Have you ever listened to EDM or seen EDM live?
Have you ever felt really fired up about any of the following
individuals: Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Mackelmore, Beyonce?
Have you ever been to a music festival?
Have you ever “checked in” somewhere?
Have you ever used facebook, twitter, and/or instagram to post a
Score of 0-1
Score 2-5
You are not a millennial. In You are an emerging
fact you might belong to
millennial and most likely
Generation X. 
one selfie picture away
from being defined and
labeled as such.
Score 6-8
You are so busy tweeting
about this quiz right now
that you can barely focus
on the fact that you are
definitely a millennial but
you might be holding out
in a few areas so you don’t
appear too trendy… how
millennial of you.
Score of 9-10
You are the poster child (a poster that includes a selfie and a witty hashtag) for the
millennial generation. This isn’t a bad thing – you’re simply amazing at doing what
society has expected you to do. So relax. You are most likely not alone.
Characteristics of
Characteristics of
Generation X’ers
Create a t chart and watch the Ted Talk and break down the
characteristics of the millennials and the gen x’ers. Here is the link:;search%3AScott%20Hess
A lot of times people feel on the cusp of their generation – or
maybe even as though they are part of a completely other
generation – so, we want to consider where you fit in.
Choose six different elements that show you fall into some of the cliché
characteristics of a specific generation and document through photos these
characteristics! Be appropriate, don’t get into trouble – but be witty, and even
satirical if you like! Put your pictures together in a word document, pages,
upload as
a PDF into turnitin by 11:59pm on Monday! Be sure you
keynote, power point – whatever works best for you, and then
label the generation, and then identify the characteristic you are representing!
Need some more descriptors for the different
generations ….
A few more characteristics . . . .
Adhere to rules, Conformers/Conformity,
Contributing to the Collective good is important,
Dedication/Sacrifice, Delayed Reward, Discipline,
Don’t question authority, Duty before pleasure,
Family Focus, “Giving Back” is important, Hard
Work, Law and Order, Loyalty, Patriotism,
Patience, Respect for authority, Responsibility,
Savers, Stabilizing, Trust in Government
A few more characteristics . . . Anti war, Anti government,
Anything is possible, Equal rights, Equal opportunities,
Extremely loyal to their children, Involvement, Optimism,
Personal Gratification, Personal Growth, Question
Everything, Spend now, worry later, Team Oriented,
Transformational, Trust no one over 30, Youth, Work, Want
to “make a difference”
A few more characteristics . . .Balance, Diversity, Entrepreneurial,
Highly Educated, High job expectations, Independent, Informality,
Lack of organizational loyalty, Rational, Seek life balance, Selfreliance, Skepticism/Cynical, Suspicious of Boomer values, Think
Globally, Technically literate
A few more characteristics . . . Achievement, Avid
consumers, Civic Duty, Confidence, Diversity, Extreme
fun, High morals, Highly tolerant, Hotly competitive,
Like personal attention, Self confident, Socialability,
Members of global community, Most educated
generation, Extremely techn savvy, Extremely
spiritual, Optimistic, Street smarts