The Plymouth Colony

The Plymouth Colony
The Pilgrims come to America
I. Religion in Europe
 A. Most rulers supported a particular
religion. Why?
 B. Known as established church.
 C. Established Church of England is…
 D. The Church of England or the Anglican
Church (Protestants)!
 E. King = head of church!
II. Persecution
 A. (def.) punishment of certain people
because of their beliefs.
 B. common in England & European
 C. result = people worship in secret!
 D. or, burned at the stake.
 E. imprisoned 
III. Separatists
 A. Protestants (form of Christianity)
 B. Wanted to be SEPARATE from church of
 C. Did the English monarchy like the
 D. What do you think happened to the
IV. The Pilgrims
 A. (def.) – anyone who makes a long journey
for religious reasons.
 B. 1612 Separatists move to Netherlands.
 C. Dutch allow free worship.
 D. Pilgrims miss English way of life!
 E. So what should they do?
 F. Search for a new place to call home.
V. The Journey….
 A. September 1620 – 102 people leave
Plymouth, England on the Mayflower
 B. ½ Pilgrims….1/2 Strangers on board ship
 An 8 week journey awaits them.
VI. Plymouth
A. November 1620 reach
Cape Cod.
B. Wanted to reach NY, but
needed landfall.
VII. Mayflower Compact
A. Framework to govern their
B. Signed November 11, 1620.
C. Made laws for “The general
good of the colony.”
VIII. Hardships
A. Plymouth was once a native
B. Natives had been wiped out by
C. Pilgrims arrive in
November….think about it!
VIII. Hardships (cont.)
D. “Starving Time.”
E. fewer than half survive first
F. Governor dies, replaced by
William Bradford (leads for next 36
IX. Helpful Natives
A. Spring of 1621
B. Wapanoag offer to help colonists
C. Samoset - Squanto
D. explain crops, taught how to
catch fish
E. Thanksgiving- November, 1621