Making Sense of How Life Fits Together

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Bio 1
Making Sense of How Life Fits Together
1. Biological organization is a way to organize:
A. everything in science from biggest to smallest
B. concepts in life science from simplest to most complex
C. several scientific concepts in a way that looks pretty
D. life science concepts from newest to oldest
2. An example of a tissue is:
A. blood
B. a heart
C. a Kleenex
D. skin
3. Which of the following are in the correct order without skipping any levels of
A. Organ-Organism-Population-Community
B. Cells-Tissues-Organs-Organism
C. Tissues-Organs-Organ Systems-Organism
D. Organism-Population-Ecosystem-Biosphere
4. Which of the following is an example of an organ system?
A. a heart and brain
B. a human
C. a skeleton
D. a lung
5. Which of the follow is the definition of an ecosystem?
A. a group of several communities living together in a physical environment
B. a group of different organisms living together in an area
C. a group of the same organisms living together in an area
D. the entire earth and the organisms which inhabit it
6. Name 10 levels of biological organization mentioned in the video from smallest to
1. _____________________________________
6. ______________________________________
2. _____________________________________
7. ______________________________________
3. _____________________________________
8. ______________________________________
4. _____________________________________
9. ______________________________________
5. _____________________________________
10. ______________________________________
7. Short Answer:
If you studied only one section of biological organization, which would you study and why?
Write at least 3-5 sentences below. After completing your answer, pair up with someone next
to you and discuss your answers.