course syllabus: avid 10 2011

2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR
Instructor: Mr. Norment
Planning: 3rd Block (“A” Days)
2nd Block (“B” Days)
The Mission of AVID is to ensure that ALL students, and most especially the
least served
 will succeed in rigorous curriculum,
 will complete a rigorous college preparatory path,
 will enter mainstream activities of the school,
 will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and
 will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a
democratic society.
 Dividers (1 per subject)
 3-ring binder
 zipper pouch containing two or more pens, two or more pencils, and a
 3-hole pocket folder
 loose-leaf paper
 planner
 other materials needed for success in all classes, e.g. calculators, dictionaries,
 Completing all assignments in every class to the best of ability
 Arriving to AVID class prepared with all necessary materials to complete
AVID activities and tutorials
 Maintaining a well-organized, purposeful binder and planner
 Keeping an accurate Assignment Log for each content-area course
 Completing Cornell Notes in class every day
 Actively preparing for and participating in tutorials
 Actively participating in AVID class activities which will reflect the core WICR
strategies of AVID curriculum
o Writing
o Inquiry
o Collaboration
o Reading
HOMEWORK: AVID students will have the following homework expectations
between AVID class meetings every week:
 Spend at least 10 minutes reviewing notes from every class that met that day.
 If Cornell Notes were taken, add questions and subheadings on left side of
paper and write a summary of your learning at the bottom.
 If Cornell Notes were not taken, create them or a Learning Log for that day’s
 Prepare for tutorials by filling out a Tutorial Request Form (TRF) based on
questions you still have about the material covered in one or two of your
 Update Assignment Logs for all classes.
 Be sure all assignments recorded in planner have been completed.
The Honor Code prevents plagiarism, ensures that students receive the grade they
deserve, and prepares students for the reality of post-secondary education. Honor
code violations include, but are not limited to, copying homework, turning in
someone else’s work as your own, downloading essays off the Internet, copying
answers on a quiz, etc.
Violations of the honor code will result in a zero for the assignment and contacting
the parents. For severe and/or repeat instances, the administration will be involved.
See Student Handbook for school policies.
1st 9 Weeks
2nd 9 Weeks
3rd 9 Weeks
4th 9 Weeks
Understanding the mission of AVID
Positive Team building
Binder Organization
Cornell Notes
Learning Logs
Socratic Seminars
Tutorial Process
Costa’s Levels of Questioning
Life Goals Essay:
o Formulating a clear thesis
o The Writing Process
o Offering constructive feedback
Leadership and involvement beyond the school
College Research and Presentation
o Research methods
o Making Effective Presentations
Timed Writing
Career Research
o Citing Sources using MLA format
o Writing a research paper
o Advancing a thesis statement
College Prep
o Sample college applications
Persuasive Writing
o Argumentation
Service Learning Project
o Identify a problem in school or community
o Research causes
o Create a plan to solve
o Implement plan
Problem/Solution Paper
o Cause and Effect
o Research
Timed Writing in preparation for finals
Your Commitment as an AVID Student:
To be in AVID is an extremely high honor. Your were hand-picked by teachers or
counselors to be a part of this program. What we need from you is an honest
commitment to do your best to stay true to the following statements:
I WANT to be in AVID and therefore want to challenge myself academically
and succeed in every class.
I have a positive attitude toward my peers and toward school and will do
my best to maintain a positive attitude in AVID. I will be a positive role
model for my peers and maintain the highest possible standard of
conduct in and out of school.
I understand that the purpose of AVID is to push me to be a better student,
and I will therefore accept constructive criticism and help from my AVID
teacher as well as the AVID site team.
I am determined to go to a 4-year college and recognize the need to prepare
NOW for college success in the future.
I am committed to academics and therefore will utilize tutorial time for its
intended purpose as outlined by my teacher.
Please provide signatures below saying that you agree to the above statements:
Student Signature
Parent Signature