Welcome to AVID!! - Everett Public Schools

Welcome to AVID!!
Instructor: Mrs. Worthington
Room: 508
E-mail: jworthington@everettsd.org
Phone: 425.385.6158
Materials Needed
Students need to arrive equipped will all necessary materials each instructional day. This includes:
____ AVID 2” or larger binder with:
_____ Five to six subject dividers to separate each academic class, including AVID
_____ Zipper pouch to store supplies (3-hole punched heavy duty zip-lock bags also work)
_____ Two or more pens
_____ Two or more pencils
_____ Paper
_____ Assignment calendar for each academic class
Suggested Binder Contents:
_____ One or two trapper pouches (for paper with no holes punched in it)
_____ One or more colored highlighter pens
_____ Calculator
_____ Six-inch ruler
_____ Sticky notes
 Assignments, handouts, and class syllabus for each class
 Daily Cornell Notes and Learning Logs for each academic class
 Tutorial Request Forms (TRFs) complete with questions for each tutoring session
(Set to begin in October)
 Calendar/Agenda with assignments written in for each class.
Classroom Expectations
Be here and be on time: in your seat, ready to work as bell rings.
Bring all appropriate materials with you to class.
Use language appropriate for the classroom.
Engage in class with confidence.
Manage your time; meet your deadlines
Take responsibility for your behaviors.
Be kind to your teacher and classmates, and be respectful of one another at all times.
Your education is my priority; I expect it to be your priority as well.
Attendance Policy: I expect you to be IN YOUR SEAT WORKING ON YOUR WARM UP WHEN THE
BELL RINGS. If you are not, you will be marked tardy. If you fail to be in your seat working within 5 minutes
of class, you will be marked absent. Promptness is crucial for success!
Food: No Food or Drink allowed during class. Water bottles (with closed lids) are fine.
Music: No iPods, MP3 Players, or other electronic devices in the classroom.
Cell Phones: School policy will be followed. SEE SCHOOL HANDBOOK.
Grading is weighted in four categories: binders, tutorials, curriculum, and participation.
 Binders/Cornell Notes/Learning Logs
 Tutorials
 Curriculum/Projects/Group Work
 Participation
Binders/Cornell Notes/Learning Logs 30%
All AVID students are required to have a 2" 3-ring binder to be graded once every two weeks. In addition, each
student needs to update and maintain their assigned homework for each class by recording it daily on their class
assignment logs. Cornell Notes are required to be taken in all four core (English, Social Studies, Math, and Science)
classes daily. Cornell notes are pivotal to academic success in content areas and will be graded weekly.
Tutorials/TRFs 30%:
Students will work in cooperative tutorial groups two days per week. Each student is required to complete a
Tutorial Request Form (TRF) prior to each tutorial day. Tutors will facilitate tutorials and grade the TRF,
which includes participation in the tutorial session.
AVID Curriculum 20%:
Writing assignments, reading assignments, quizzes, college research, group projects, and any other classroom
assignments or homework outside of class.
Participation 20%:
Grade checks, attendance, community service/volunteerism, participation in structured classroom discussions
such as Socratic seminar and philosophical chair, conduct during partner/group work and overall classroom
Grading Scale
93-100% = A
90-92%= A73-76%=C
87-89%= B+
83-86%= B
Electronic grade checks can be done using the LMS website at http://lmsinfo.everettsd.org/
My course buddies are…..
#1: Name ________________________________ E-mail/Phone _____________________
#2: Name ______________________________
E-mail/Phone _____________________
#3: Name ______________________________
E-mail/Phone _____________________
My dream is to develop a rigorous, safe and encouraging learning atmosphere. When needed, I will respond as I
feel is best in order to further protect and promote the learning of each student. Please take the time to look this
over with your parent/guardian.
I look forward to an amazing year together and thank you for the privilege of being your AVID teacher!
Mrs. Worthington – AVID
Please sign and return this page by Wednesday September 11th
For the student:
I have read and understand the procedures and expectations indicated in the syllabus for my
AVID class. I agree to follow these guidelines and I look forward to a good year.
If I have any questions/concerns I will contact with Mrs. Worthington at
jworthington@everettsd.org .
Student Signature
***I have access to a computer with internet at home.
Class Period
For the parent/guardian:
I have read and understand the procedures and expectations of my student’s AVID class and
will support him/her throughout the year.
To access student’s grades on-line go to: https://lms.everettsd.org/secure/HomePage.aspx
Parent/Guardian Name (Print)
Parent/Guardian E-mail
Parent/Guardian Signature
Parent/Guardian Phone
The best way to contact me is:
o Phone:
o E-mail:
o Other: ______________________________________________
Anything you want me to know about your student?