Year 8 Homework Support Booklet

Year 8 Homework Support Booklet
The home learning projects is your Food Technology
homework. These are tasks that will use researched
information, as well as information you have studied in
This booklet will enable you to become an
independent enquirer.
It will improve and extend your knowledge,
understanding and skills across the subjects.
If you are having difficulties it is your responsibility to
ask your class teacher help and support.
Step 5 – Record everything you ate and drank
yesterday. Don’t forget to include snacks!
Describe what you ate in as much detail as
possible (e.g. 2 slices white bread toast with
butter and tea with milk and sugar)
an use simple images to create a design
Step 6 – From your day’s meal record, find out
how balanced your diet is. Place a tick in a section
of the eat well plate, when a food appears on
your meal record.
Step 7 – Give 3 examples of how you could make
your diet fit better with the Eat well Plate Model
The main focus of this module is to
increase your awareness of what your
eat and the affect this has on your
Homework 1 will assess one day of
your diet. How it fits into the eat well
plate. To gain step 7 you will need to
give suggested examples of how to
improve your diet.
• You are revising the different areas of the eat well plate and applying the
information of a specific case study and suggesting alternative meals and
snacks that could be eaten.
step 7- completed the nutrients and ingredients for each area of the eat
well plate.
step 8 - complete 1 case study with reference to the relevant area of the
eat well plate.
step 9 - Suggest some alternative meals and snacks for Kevin/ Angela,
giving reason for your suggestions.
HW2 step 6- completed
Read HW2step 7 -with full analysis and justification.
Food Group
Bread, Potatoes
and other Cereals
Meat, Fish and
Milk and Dairy
Fruit and
Foods containing
Fat and Foods
containing Sugar
Main Nutrients
Case Study 1
Kevin is a 13 year old student who often feels tired and lacking
in energy. He frequently stays up late, so he doesn’t wake up in
time to have breakfast before school. Below is a typical day’s
intake for Kevin.
Nothing, or sometimes a chocolate
bar or biscuits
Cake and squash
Chips or pizza and
After school
Crisps, fizzy drink, biscuits
Evening Meal 3 large sausages, spoon of mashed potato, gravy
and 1 small spoon of peas
Coca cola, slice of cake and biscuits
Case Study 2
Angela is a 14 year old student who loves sport. She wants to
do well in her favourite sport netball, but often finds it hard to
keep up. She tries to eat a careful balanced diet. Below is a
typical day for Angela.
An apple and a banana and a small
glass of juice
Water and an orange
A large salad with
chicken or tuna
After school
Water and fruit
Evening Meal Chicken with vegetables and a small jacket
Water and some fruit
There has been a Zombie Apocalypse! The food supplies to
Scotland have been cut off. What do we need to survive?
• The Task…
Prepare a 5 minute talk to give to the group and a poster to be
displayed in the classroom explaining what you would do in this
• Possible Starting Points
Make a map of North Berwick and the surrounding area of East
What food is available locally? How did the food get to the shops?
Lorry – travelling long distances?
Imported from abroad?
Locally from a farmer/fishery?
What happens if fuel runs out?
How long could your town last with the supplies currently available?
What are basic human food needs? What do we need to stay
healthy? What are the health needs of the people in your town?
Will the food left meet their needs?
How can you control the food safety risks to keep what food you have
Feel free to add any other ideas you may have 
step 7- completed with
some reference to the
step 8 - completed with
reference to all areas of
the criteria.
step 9 - completed with
full analysis and
Task:- You are opening an Italian restaurant and need to ensure that there are
dishes available for the following diets.
Lactose intolerant
Write a definition for each diet.
Give examples of foods they can and can't eat.
Produce a suggested menu for your Italian restaurant suggesting a meal for 4 of
the diets.
step 7- completed with some reference to the criteria.
step 8 - completed with reference to all areas of the criteria.
step 9 -completed with full analysis and justification.
Side orders (Post card home reward for completion)
Step 7:-outline of an idea.
Step 8:- Detailed plan.
Step 9:-Detailed plan with some examples.
Choose one of the tasks below:• Create a game that could be played at the end of a lesson as a
plenary activity.
• Design a cooking competition that could take place in school.
Explain the rules.
• Design a starter activity for one of the lessons you have completed
so far.