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DEP 3103 Child Development
CIP Article Review Sheet
Choose a scholarly article from your approved CIP working bibliography list. Read the article. Ensure that the
article truly fits with your topic. If you find that it does not fit, choose another article from your list and
review it instead. Once you have read an article that appropriately fits with your CIP topic, complete the
handout below (typed or neatly printed), and submit a hard copy at the beginning of class on the due date.
After the beginning of class, 10 points will be deducted for each day late.
This assignment should be completed in your own words. There should be no direct quotes. Instead, you should
paraphrase the material. It is your responsibility to avoid plagiarism while completing this assignment. If you
have questions about what constitutes plagiarism, consult the syllabus for this course and the tutorial on
plagiarism offered by the UWF library.
1. What is your working CIP topic?
2. In the space below, provide the reference for your article in APA style (6th Edition). If you need assistance,
view the examples in the "CIP Examples of References" located on the course blog under CIP Essentials,
consult an APA manual from the library, or visit (It is not recommended that you use a
computer program that automatically generates APA style. These programs are often incorrect.)
3. What is the primary objective of this study? In other words, what research question was the researcher
attempting to answer?
4. a) Provide a summary of the information that was discussed in the literature review section of this article.
b) What information did you learn in the literature review section that helped you to understand the topic of
the study better?
5. In your own words, explain to me how this study was conducted. (What was the sample/who were the
participants? AND What were the participants required to do in the study?)
Full Name:
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6. What were the results of the study? In other words, what did the researchers find after they conducted the
study? Don't worry about misunderstanding some of the finer points of the results. Focus on the "big
picture." What did the study find?
7. a) Do you feel that the research question was adequately answered in this study?
b) Why or why not?
8. There is always room for improvement. How do you feel that this study could have been improved?
9. Describe at least one new research idea that you can think of after reading this study.
10. If you are reviewing this article, it should fit into your CIP project. What new information from this article
(the literature review and/or the present study) might you include in your poster presentation? (Be sure that
you list at least 5 specific facts that may be useful to include in your presentation. You do not need to re-write
the article, but do provide--in your own words--five examples to show me that there was worthy information
in this article for your presentation.)