Nursing English 1

Enema is an activity inserting the liquid slowly
into the rectum and colon via the anus with a
rectal cannula.
1. To stimulate peristaltic bowel and to
defecate to overcome constipation and
2. To clean the colon in preparation for
surgery or diagnostic
3. To clean therapy.
Ulcerative Colitis
Crohn’s Disease
Feces Impaction
1. The amount of enema liquid given depends on
the types of enema, purposes of enema, age
and ability of the client.
2. Enema is given at a quite warm temperature
40.5 to 43 C (adult), 37C (child)
3. The frequency of enemas which is given too
often can damage the normal defecation
4. Too much liquid soap can irritate the colonic
1. Review the status of the client; bowel sounds,
level of consciousness, the pattern of
defecation, mobilization, the existence of
hemorrhoids and external spingter control
2. Examine the needs of clients to the enema
3. Determine the type and size of cannula enema
4. Determine the client's level of understanding
about the purpose of the enema
(preparation of nurses and equipment)
• Wash hands
• Review the status of client
• disposable gloves
• enema containers, tubes + clamp and rectal
cannula sizes Fr :22-30 (adult), Fr 12-18
(children) or a package with a rectal enema
• enema liquid, jelly
• rubber sheet and saucer, bath blanket, tissue
and bengkok
• The basin, wash lap, soap, and towels
• Bed pan
(prepare client):
• Explain the reasons and procedures
• keep the privacy of client: close the door,
open required rectal area
• Provide a comfortable position. adjust the
position of the client: the left side or Sim's
position with your right knee flexion
• Install rubber sheet and saucer and Bedpan put close to
the client
• put on the gloves, prepare the enema sets, lubricate the
cannula tip with jelly 7.5-10 cm
• Determine the location of the anus with a non-dominant
• Insert the tip of the cannula slowly, 7.5-10 cm (Adult), 57.5 cm (the
children). suggest the client to relax and breath deeply
• Flow the enema liquid by opening clamps and raise the
container slowly: 30-45 cm (high enema)
• If you are finished, gently pull cannula
• Instruct the client to hold 5-10 minutes or
according to client's ability (for children, Squeeze
gluteus few minutes)
• Help clients defecate and clean
• Put the client properly and provide a comfortable
• Collect and clean equipment
• Remove gloves and wash hands
• Evaluate and document of activities,
including the type and volume of the enema
is given, color-number-faecal consistency