Multiple Choice Reminders

• Multiple Choice Background Info
• Practice Multiple Choice Exam
• Grade the Exam and Determine where you
should focus your study
• HW: Create a detailed plan outlining how you
will prepare for the APUSH Exam
Multiple Choice Reminders
• Guess If You Can Eliminate At Least 2 Answers—You
only lose ¼ point for wrong answers, so play the odds. Guess if
you have a ½ or ⅓ chance of getting the answer right.
• No Trivial Pursuit—The A.P. exam does not ask arcane
questions based on rote memorization. While facts are
important, they are always in a historical context.
• Focus on the Big Picture—The A.P. exam is designed to
illustrate basic principles of American history. Therefore, keep
in mind that correct answers should not contradict the general
trends of American history.
• Be Careful of “Extreme” Wording—Answers that contain
“extreme” words such as “always,” “never” and “completely” are
much less likely to be correct than answers that contain more
nuanced words such as “usually,” “rarely,” “seldom” or “often.”
• Don’t Fall For “Distracters”—Some answers are designed
to mislead you. Choose the answer that best fits. Remember,
not all true statements are correct answers; it depends on what
is being asked.
The Test Layout
• Period Covered
▫ Pre Columbian to 1789--20%
▫ 1790-1914-- 45%
▫ 1915-Present—35%
• Material Covered
▫ Political institutions, behavior and public policy—35%
▫ Social change, and cultural and intellectual
▫ Diplomacy and international relations 15%
▫ Economic developments—10%
The Test
No Electronic Devices are allowed in the testing area
No food or drink is allowed in the testing area
Take out a piece of paper and a pencil
Number the paper 1-80
You may write in the test booklet but remember to
actually write the correct answer on the paper
• You will have 55 minutes to complete 80 multiple
choice questions
• Remember there is a penalty for guessing, so if you can
not eliminate any answers don’t guess, leave it blank.
• When you are finished you must sit silently and wait
for the time to finish
▫ Pretend this is the real exam, you talk or pull out an
electronic device you invalidate your test.
• Grade your answers
▫ Remember that ones you left blank do not count
as write, but also do not count as wrong
• As you go through make a note of questions you
could not answer or got wrong
▫ You do not get to take this test home with you
• Once you have finished grading complete section
I of the scoring worksheet
• Then complete the diagnostic guide to discover
which sections of US history you need to review
Matt Ellington’s Guide to APUSH
Review Books
• Get one of the Recommended books
• Review the websites tonight
• HW: Create a detailed plan outlining how you
will prepare for the Ap Exam
▫ Might be best if you did this on an actual calendar
and noted time limits
▫ Bring me a copy and keep a copy for yourself
• You will need to pick up AP materials (student
handbook with AP student ID #, to be used for
each test taken by the student) on Tuesday,
April 27 @ 7:00 a.m. A table will be set up
outside the counseling offices. In addition, a
schedule will be provided to students indicating
exam(s), date(s), time(s), and locations(s). You
must bring picture ID.