Cover Letter PPT

* A FORMAL LETTER written to an employer that
expresses interest in a job and asks for an
* A sales tool that markets you
* Address the letter to a specific person, rather than just the
* Print your letter on the same paper as your resume
* Keep the same styling between resume & letter – font, size, header,
etc. (and anything else in your resume packet)
* Don’t say “I think” or “I believe”… show CONFIDENCE! I AM!!
*Min. 3 concise paragraphs: Opening,
body, closing
* Capture the reader’s attention
* Include:
That you are applying for a position
Identify 1 key ability (the most pertinent one!)
that makes you qualified
Name of the position you are applying for
Specifically how you learned of the opening –
give website name
* “Please consider me as an applicant for the
management trainee position advertised in the
October 12 issue of the Daily Leader. My
degree in management and my work
experience as an assistant store manager
qualify me for this position.”
Convince the employer you are the right person
for the job
* Use “you” attitude
* Interpret the facts in your resume – don’t just
* Story tell
* “As a quality control inspector, I worked closely
with the plant manager to improve quality and
reduce costs. During my year in this position,
my department was rated Number 1 in quality,
and costs were down 8 percent. I am confident
that I can help your company improve spending
and costs through my QC experience.
* Not much work experience? Focus on other
qualifications – education, activities, honors, ability
to learn quickly, enthusiasm, etc.
* “During my sophomore year, I became president of
my club. While working in my building trades
program I was elected Vice President of the school’s
Student Council. As Vice President, I organized and
hosted a fund-raising event for leukemia research,
where we raised $1,000.”
* Confident tone
* LITERALLY Ask for the interview!
* Say how your skills and background fit their
requirements – “you” attitude – 1 reminder
* Avoid the cliché phrases at your convenience
and my enclosed resume
Cover letter checklist
- correct formal letter format
- Same header as resume
- overall design - matches resume, is appealing, professional,
appropriate to industry
- includes all points listed for opening paragraph:
Statement applying for a position
Name of position
Where you learned of opening specifically
1 key ability
Convincing - persuasive
“you” attitude
Interpretation of facts
Explaining how your qualifications meet those requested
Statement asking for interview
1 key ability as reminder