Faculty Composition Report Nicholas P. Jones Board of Trustees

Provost’s Report
Nicholas P. Jones
Board of Trustees
January 16, 2015
Dr. Laurie Grobman
Professor of English and Women’s
Studies at Penn State Berks
• Recognized as “Outstanding
Baccalaureate College Professor of
the Year” by the Carnegie Foundation
for the Advancement of Teaching
• Received Penn State’s President’s
Award for Excellence in Academic
Integration in 2012
"I have made it a priority to maintain funding for basic science
research because such research often results not just in expanding
the frontiers of our knowledge but in concrete applications with
real world benefits for America both economically and socially."
- U.S. Congressman Charlie Dent
R-Lehigh Valley, Penn State alum
"From research for the manufacturing industry to alternative and
renewable energy technology research to health care industry research
and development – there are a variety of opportunities throughout
Pennsylvania where academic research and training can be transformed
into job creating applications through smart planning and the strategic
funding of business incubators at our colleges and universities . . .”
- PA Governor-elect Tom Wolf
National Research Council Rankings of Research
Doctorate (Ph.D.) Programs
Anthropology: Ranked between 1 and 2 (of 82)
Plant Biology: 1 and 4 (118)
Kinesiology: 1 and 6 (41)
Spanish: 1 and 8 (60)
24 Penn State Ph.D. programs had 5th percentile
ranking in top 10% of their field
NSF Total S&E Research Expenditure Rankings
• Total Engineering, Aero/Astro-Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
• Atmospheric Sciences and Earth Sciences
• Mathematics
• Computer Science
• Agriculture
• Psychology
• Sociology
Penn State Research
Students Benefit from Research Universities
• Learn from active researchers who are discovering new
• Have opportunities to participate on a research team
• Learn what is involved in research
• Learn how to write about research &
consider its applications
• Assistance in choosing career path
“The value of basic research is you discover
something you didn’t expect — that nobody
expected. And it’s where almost everything we now
expect came from. My work had applications. I just
didn’t know it at the time.”
Diamond nanothreads
John Badding Lab
Penn State
- Richard Schrock, MIT Professor of
Chemistry and Nobel Prize winner