MARE 394 – Natural History of Sharks, Ray, and Skates/Lab
Summer 2012
Dr. Jason Turner
MSB 116
Ph. 933-3114
1. Objectives of the course
- To learn about evolution, systematics, & biogeography of Elasmobranchs
- To investigate locomotion, feeding mechanics, energetics, foraging patterns, & osmoregulation
- To evaluate sensory systems, reproductive strategies, life history, & respiration
- To consider the effects of exploitation & subsequent conservation on population structure by examining
conservation, management, & sharks and Hawaiian culture
This course will examine the natural history of the Elasmobranchs, an ancient group of fishes that have existed
for almost 450 million years. Comprehensive investigations of sharks, rays, skates, sawfishes, and chimera
along with representative species from Hawai‘i will be conducted. Subjects will include evolution, taxonomy,
anatomy, physiology, ecology, conservation and management of these unique animals. Discussions of current
research papers along with group research projects will be covered during lectures. Laboratory sessions will
involve detailed dissections of shark functional anatomy. Students will also participate in a tagging study of
coastal shark species throughout the Big Island of Hawai‘i.
2. Textbook
Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives
Jeffery Carrier, John Musick, & Michael Heithaus
Pictorial Anatomy of the Dogfish
Stephen G. Gilbert
Sharks & Rays of Hawaii
Gerald L. Crow
Sharks of Hawai╩╣i: Their Biology And Cultural Significance
Leighton R. Taylor
3. Grade allocations
Assignments: 25% (Annotated Bibliography)
Mid-term exam: 25%
Final exam: 35%
Participation: 15%
Participation: 25% (laboratory attendance)
Professionalism: 10% (cooperation, attitude, work ethic, etc)
Taxonomy Exam: 25%
Dissection Notebook: 15%
Dissection Practical Exam: 25%
4. Consultation hours
T&R 1-5 - By appointment only please
5. Students with disabilities. Any student with a documented disability who would like to request
accommodations should contact the University Disability Services Office at 933-0816 (V), 933-3334 (TTY),
Campus Center Room 311, as soon as possible.
6. Academic dishonesty. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form by this Department or
University. For specific definitions of such actions please familiarize yourselves with the UHH Student
Conduct Code which can be found at: 001.doc.
7. Schedule
(Please note that specific lecture topics and overall schedule are subject to change)
June 11th
June 18th
Lecture Topics
Text Reading
Sharkwater; Intro to
Chapters: 1,2
Elasmobranch Cladistics,
Evolution, Taxonomy
Intro to Elasmobranch Cladistics, Chapters: 3,4
Evolution, Taxonomy
June 25th
Locomotion & Mechanics of
July 2nd
Metabolism, Osmoregulation,
Diet & foraging patterns
Sensory systems, Reproductive
Exploitation, Conservation, &
Management; Sharks &
Hawaiian Culture
July 9th
July 16th
Chapters: 5,6
Taxonomy Exam
Mid-term Exam
Chapters: 7,8,9
Chapters: 10,12
Chapter 3 (Taylor);
Chapter 9 (Crow &
Dissection Exam
Final Exam
Lab Dissection
Dogfish: External,
Musculature, &
Digestive Systems
Urogenetal &
Circulatory System
Dogfish: Eye, Ear
& Nervous system
Cruise – Makani
Ratfish: External &
Internal Systems
Ray: External &
Internal Systems
Skate: External &
Internal Systems
Cruise – Makani
Cruise – Makani
Cruise – Makani
Cruise – Makani
Cruise – Makani