Human Development

Socioemotional Development
Parenting Styles
Temperament & Attachment
Erik Erikson “Psychosocial Stages”
James Marcia’s Theory of Identity
Socioemotional Development
How do our social and
emotional lives change
through childhood and
How do social relationships
interact with our emotional
life and personal qualities?
Childhood Temperaments
 “Easy”
– calm, happy, adaptable, regular sleep and
eating habits, positive in mood, interested in new
 “Slow
to warm up” – relatively inactive, reflective,
tend to withdraw from new situations, gradually
become more positive
 “Difficult”
– fussy, irregular in eating and sleeping,
fearful, easily upset, high strung
Harry Harlow – Contact Comfort
John Bowlby
Infant attachment
Mary Ainsworth
Attachment Style
 Secure
 Avoidant
 Anxious
Erik Erikson
Psychosocial Stages of
See Figure 8.15 in
your text
Moral Development
How do people’s thoughts,
feelings, and behaviors
regarding the principles and
values that guide them
change with age?