IB Visual Artist Generic Artist Research

Jenny Saville ‘Hypen’ 1998
Jenny Saville ‘Stare’ 2003
Jenny Saville
Zong Biao ‘1913 Olympus’ 2003
Zong Biao ’Girl’ 2002
Zong Biao
Ken Currie ‘Jobs Comforter’ 1997
Ken Currie ‘Battlefield’ 1997
Ken Currie
Reneka Dijkstra ‘Cruel and Tender’ 2003-2004
Reneka Dijkstra
Kehinde Wiley ‘Human Rites’ 2009
Kehinde Wiley ‘Randerson Romualdo Cordeiro ‘
Kehinde Wiley
Cindy Sherman ‘Untitled (Woman in a
Sun Dress)’ 2003
Cindy Sherman ‘Untitled #122’ 1990
Cindy Sherman
Paula Rego ‘La Fete’ 2003
Paula Rego ‘Swallows the Poison Apple’ 1995
Paula Rego
Sir Stanley Spencer ‘Self Portrait’ 1914
Sir Stanley Spencer ‘Self Portrait’ 1959
Stanley Spencer
Lucien Freud, Frida Kahlo,
Fernand Léger, Picasso, Van
Gogh, Edward Burra, Peter Blake;
Maxwell Doig, Arigdor Arikha,
Lorraine Shemesh, Edgar Degas;
Seurat, Shen Hua (Schoeni
gallery), Peter Howson, Ken
Currie, John Brack, Millet, Bill
Jacklin, Salvador Dali, Rene
Magritte, Courbet, Dorina
Morgan (Connoisseur Art gallery
Hong Kong), Shen Hua, Zhao
Fang (Schoeni Art gallery HK),
Arthur Rackham, Yinka
Shonibare, Ana Maria Pacheco,
Giacomo Balla, Mary Cassatt,
John Hedgcoe, Egon Schiele,
Alberto Giacomtti, Henry Moore,
Edward Hopper, Duane Hanson,
Seraphine Pick, Stephen Conroy,
Gilbert and George
Ron Mueck ‘Angel’ 1997
Other Artists
David Hepher ‘Untitled’ 1998
David Hepher ‘Untitled’ 1999
David Hepher
Gilbert and George ‘Church of England’ 2008
Gilbert and George ‘Winter Flowers’ 2000
Gilbert and George
Edward Hopper ‘Café’ 1938
Edward Hopper ‘Room in New York’ 1932
Edward Hopper
Richard Estes ‘Bridge’ 1995
Richard Estes ‘Bus Ride’ 1998
Richard Estes
George Shaw ‘The Sly and Unseen Day’
George Shaw ‘Scenes from the Passion: the
Cop Shop’ 1999-2000
George Shaw
Richard Wright ‘Untitled’ 2002
Richard Wright ‘Untitled’ 2002
Richard Wright
‘Rebellious Silence’ 1994
‘Women of Allah’ 1994
Shirin Neshat
Bill Viola ‘Ascension’ 2000
Bill Viola ‘An Ocean Without a Shore’ 2002
Bill Viola
Damien Hirst ‘Arginine’ 2009
Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst ‘The Golden Calf’ 2008
Fiona Rae ‘Untitled’ 2002
Fiona Rae ‘Untitled’ 2001
Fiona Rae
Ed Ruscha ‘Standard Station’ 1966
Ed Ruscha ‘Pay Nothing Until April’ 1986
Ed Ruscha
Amilia Avia ‘Tarancon’1977
Amilia Avia ‘Puerto’1979
Amilia Avia
Liu Xiaodong ‘Eat First’ 2008
Liu Xiaodong ‘QiQi’ 2007
Liu Xiaodong
Huang Yong Ping ‘Pentagon’ 2007
Huang Yong Ping ‘Colosseum’ 2007
Huang Yong Ping
Roni Horn ‘Steidl’ 1998
Roni Horn ‘You are the Weather’ 1994
Roni Horn
John Piper, Gustave Klimt
landscapes, M.C. Escher, Van
Gogh gardens, Brendan Neiland,
Chow Chun-Fai (Grotto Fine Art
gallery HK) Hu Yong Hao
(Connoisseur Gallery HK), Andre
Derain, Matisse (Interiors), Frank
McMahon, Wayne Thiebaud
(roads), Jim Dine trees, David
Hockney (L.A. Series), John Brack,
Monet Gardens, Patrick Caulfield,
Zaha Hadid, Fred Cuming,
Michael Wolf, Faith Ringgold,
Ando Hirishige, Andy
Goldsworthy, Patrick Holo,
Richard Long, Alfred Stieglitz,
William Bowyer, Tacita Dean’
Jacques Villeglé’ Anselm Kiefer’
Colin McCahon’ Rita Angus
David Salle ‘Full Swing’ 1997
Other Artists
David Mach ‘Che’ 2005
David Mach ‘Wild Thing’ 2007
David Mach
Wim Delvoye
Wim Delvoye ‘Tattoo’ 2007
Wim Delvoye
David Hockney ‘Bigger Trees Near Water’ 2007
David Hockney
Peter Randall-Page ‘Ridge and Furrow’ 2011
Peter Randall Page ‘Speaking in Tongues’ 1997
Peter Randall Page
Georgia O’Keeffe ‘Two Calla Lillies On A Pin’ 1978
Georgia O’Keeffe ‘Red’ 1972
Georgia O’Keeffe
Tacita Dean ‘Majesty’ 2006
Tacita Dean ‘Majesty’ 2006
Tacita Dean
Louise Bourgeois ‘Altered States’ 1992
Louise Bourgeois ‘Spiral Woman’ 2003
Louise Bourgeois
Andy Goldsworthy ‘Hole’ 1989
Andy Goldsworthy ‘Spire’ 2001
Andy Goldsworthy
Vija Celmins ‘Untitled Big Sea’ 1969
Vija Celmins ‘Web’ 1970
Vija Celmins
Claude Monet, Impressionism,
Gustave Klimt landscapes, Van
Gogh garden, Jim Dine trees and
Plants, David Hockney (L.A.
Series), Janet Fish Plants and
Flower, Georgia O’Keefe, Charles
Rennie Mackintosh watercolours,
Chinese Brush paintings, Hokusai,
Angie Lewin, Sam Taylor-Wood,
Lisa Studier, Jean Arp, Tony
Cragg, David kemp, Nicholas
Hicks, Simon Davis, Kate Malone,
Angie Lewin, Elizabeth
Blackadder, Carl Strüwe, Karl
Blossfeld, Jean Arp, Michael
Cardew, Colin McCahon, Rita
Angus, Duncan Shanks
Vincent Van Gogh ‘Garden at Saint-Paul’s
Hospital’ 1912
Other Artists
Mona Hatoum ‘Grater Divide’ 2002
Mona Hatoum ‘Untitled Willow Cage’
Mona Hatoum
Anselm Keifer ‘Golden Hair’ 1988
Anselm Keifer ‘Resurrexit’ 1973
Anselm Keifer
Subodh Gupta ‘Spill’ 2004
Subodh Gupta ‘Line of Control’
Subodh Gupta
Lisa Milroy ‘Fragments’ 2003
Lisa Milroy ‘Shoes’ 1984
Lisa Milroy
Jeff Koons ‘Bunny’ 1996
Jeff Koons ‘Acrobat’ 2009
Jeff Koons
Ai Wei Wei ‘Forever Bicycle’ 1997
Ai Wei Wei ‘Han Dynasty Urn with Coca Cola Logo’
Ai Wei Wei
Urs Fischer‘Noodles’ 2011
Urs Fischer ‘To Be Titled’ 2011
Urs Fischer
Urs Fischer ‘Violin’ 1988
Avigdor Arikha ‘Corner’ 1987
Avigdor Arikha
Michael Craig-Martin ‘Storm’ 2004
Michael Craig-Martin ‘Chairs’ 2002
Michael Craig-Martin
William Harnett, Kurt Schwitters,
Joseph Cornell, Janet Fish, Jim
Dine, Juan Gris, Georges Braque,
Picasso, Cezanne, Alison Watt,
Lisa Milroy, Wayne Thiebaud,
Robert Rauschenberg, Elizabeth
Blackadder, Chardin, LIU Ying
Zhao and Ran Jie (Connoisseur
Gallery Hong Kong) Kine Minn
Soe (Asia Fine Art Limited) Giorgio
Morandi, Piet Zwart, Susan Hiller,
Manus Walsh, Philippe Starck, Kriti
Arora, Michael Naples, Sylvia
Sydell, Victoria Reynolds, Shawn
Kenney, Duncan Shanks
Robert Rauschenberg ‘Interview’ 1955
Other Artists
Peter Howson ‘A Pocket Full of Posies’1995
Peter Howson ‘My Great Heart’ 1997
Peter Howson
Eric Fischl ‘Scene of Late Paradise’ 1998
Eric Fischl ‘Beach Scene’ 1998
Eric Fischl
Duane Hanson ‘Real Life’ 1978
Duane Hanson ‘Supermarket Shopper’ 1979
Duane Hanson
Mark Wallinger ‘Horse’ 1998
Mark Wallinger ‘Ghost’ 1999
Mark Wallinger
John Salt ‘White Chevy’ 1972
John Salt ‘Untitled Wrecks’1972
John Salt
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