Expository Vocabulary

Expository Vocabulary
Word list
Word list - definitions
Fact – a true statement; everyone agrees
Opinion – a statement of what someone
thinks or believes; others may or may not
claim – a statement that something is true; the
author wants the reader to believe but it may or
may not be true
Support – details that prove the claim
Purpose - the reason
Summarizes – briefly telling what happened
Reference – a statement that refers to something
that is common knowledge that helps supports the
point and helps the reader better understand it.
Assumption – something that is assumed or
thought to be true without checking to be
Review – find the definitions of
these three below:
Theme – the message of the story – lesson
learned from the story (I did this one for you!)
Point of view –
Word list - examples
Fact – George Washington was the 1st U.S.
Opinion – George Washington was the Best
Claim – All presidents should try to be like George
Support – George Washington was successful. He
united the country. He cared more about the
country than he cared about himself.
Purpose – Money is one purpose of going to work.
Summarizes – At school I attend 7 classes each
day. Two are fun, one is boring and the rest are
just average.
Reference – We don’t want another day like 911.
Assumption – He made the assumption that she
liked him.
Review – examples
Theme – The theme of Finding Nemo is
Never Give Up.
Point of view –
 1st – personal narrative
 2nd speech or letter – written to someone
(an individual or group)
 3rd story where the narrator is not a
character in the story and tells what
Infer- from the way Grandma looked to
Little Red Riding Hood she inferred that she
was not actually talking to Grandma.