English I

English I
February 22, 2016
• Grab and Anthem or F 451 Part VI question
sheet off the red chair.
• Make sure to get a Week 25 Warm Up Sheet
from me.
• Notice the hw board and due dates.
3rd and 5th : You will retake the literary device
Honors: Spy Project Presentations start Friday
Email Assignment and notes. You will/have got
back your idea from Friday
Progress Reports go Home Friday
1st – 6th: Agenda
• Distribute the Week 25 Warm Up Sheet that focuses on writing.
Students will read the short story and summarize the events.
• Go over the email assignment due by Friday. Pass back the ticket out
the door from Friday and discuss expectations. Give out Part VI
Novel HW due Friday.
• Take notes on theme using the note sheet and video. Students will
practice with two fables.
• Distribute the short story, "If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth...“ and
have students practice annotation, character development, plot
practice, literary devices, and theme. All skills were developed
during this unit. They should read the short story and complete the
guided reading questions 1 – 12. They are to bring it back to class
• At the end of class, distribute the short story Harrison Bergeron for
students to read and annotate by Wednesday.
English I
February 23, 2016
• Students will complete the Tuesday portion of
their warm up. They will have a few minutes to
answer the MC Questions and then we will
choose four words to define together.
• Students will then be given time to complete the
theme part of the short story. They will use their
notes to find four separate themes.
• Students will then begin their second story,
Harrison Bergeron
English I
February 24, 2016
• Students will complete the Wednesday portion
of their warm up. The CRQ is, how is Ms. Zajac
indirectly characterized? They will create a
thesis and find two pieces of evidence to this.
• We will watch the short film, 2081. We will then
discuss the questions for the Harrison Bergeron
• We will take notes on how to present something
to prepare for presentations on Friday.
English I
February 25, 2016
Agenda: All Classes
• Students will be meeting in the media center.
This is a differentiated day in which students
will have time to make up work, do corrections,
receive tutoring, and have individual
conferences with me about their grade.
English I
February 26, 2016
• Students will complete the Thursday and Friday
portion of their warm up. They will explain their
evidence and then create a full CRQ from the
warm up to practice their writing.