File - Sixth Grade!

Science Midterm
Monday, December 14th
Introduction Chapter and Chapters 2 – 7
40 Multiple Choice Questions, 10 True/False
This study guide provides a list of all topics that will be covered on the science midterm. The science midterm will be
open notes only (textbooks, quizzes, tests, etc will not be permitted). Vocab on notecards or Quizlet are considered
notes. Students who use Quizlet need to print out the vocab. Recommended study tools include old tests and quizzes.
Introduction (Scientific Method, Measurement, and Safety):
o Scientific Method steps
o Safety
o System of measurement used in science
o Volume, mass, density – definitions and formulas
Chapter 2 (Earth’s Structure):
o Layers of the Earth and their characteristics
o Impact density has on the formation of Earth’s layers
o How scientists study Earth’s interior
o Why landforms are not permanent
o Biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere
Chapter 3 (Minerals):
o Mineral formation
o Mineral properties (streak, luster, hardness, etc)
o Gemstone
o Composition of minerals
o Characteristics of minerals
Chapter 4 (Rocks):
o Composition of rocks
o The rock cycle
o Formation of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks
o Scientist that analyzes rocks
Chapter 5 (Weathering):
o Impact of weathering on Earth’s surface
o Mechanical weathering description and types
o Chemical weathering description and types
o Soil composition
o Time it takes for soil to form
Chapter 6 (Erosion):
o Erosion
o Agents of erosion
o Ways to reduce erosion
o Deposition
Chapter 7 (Plate Tectonics)
o Three types of plate boundaries and what forms at each boundary
o Theory of continental drift
o Seafloor spreading
o Cause of plate motion
Note: students are
responsible for
knowing the
vocabulary terms
from each chapter.
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