Shakamuri, The Geek By Surya Shakamuri Prologue “I did it,” I

The Geek
By Surya Shakamuri
“I did it,” I yelled to the whole world, “I blew up the fusion power plant.”
“Congratulations, but first we have found a kid who almost knows our plans.” My servant
“Is he a Threat”?
“Yes sir”
“Yes Master” my servant said hollowly.
Ch. 1
“Jack come down here you are going to be late”, my mother screamed. I woke up
with a sigh “another day in boring school”, I muttered. I went to my cabinet and grabbed
a plain orange shirt with some dark blue jeans. After shoving my nightclothes into a
corner of my small bedroom with gadgets all over the place, I rushed to put my school
clothes on while gargling with my homemade mouthwash. I ran downstairs and started
stuffing my mouth with cereal, as I ate my cereal I noticed that all my gadgets were
removed from the kitchen and that there was a new box labeled “stuff”. I grunted because
there was no time to argue with my mother, so I grabbed my backpack and lunch box
after eating my cereal and rushed out the door. I ran to my stop as my bus arrived right at
my bus stop, the bus almost left without me.
As I walked to the back a tall, muscular and thin looking figure tripped me on the
way. The man said “Sorry” in a sarcastic tone and some other people snickered, but
mostly everyone just remained calm. As soon as I got to the back of the bus I zoned out
and the school day was a blur as, usually.
As soon as I got home I saw my package of 2 Gb of Video RAM. I grabbed the
package ran upstairs and installed it into my computer.
After testing if the RAM worked, I walked downstairs and turned on the TV. It
only did the fusion power plant explode, 126 were injured and 16 wounded.
‘That probably created a waste land’ I thought. I decided to go with my mom’s
permission. She accepted. I brought a carbon detector and a helmet (obviously) and rode
off to the power plant on my bicycle. My carbon detector started signaling me as soon as
I got there, “Strange there must be a lot of carbon here”, I thought. As I searched for
something to salvage in the wreckage, I saw a box labeled “Fragile”. I grabbed the box
and observed it. It was a nanotube-covered box with ultra compressed carbon (almost like
Diamonds) with a huge neodymium magnet inside. My carbon detector flew right to its
side, then I closed the lid and the box wasn’t magnetic anymore. Because of this unique
property I brought it home and stored it with all my other elements, like helium,
chromium, gold, silver, pure sodium, phosphorous, hydrogen, Etc. I did a little research
on who could afford the box I found. After some intense research, I found out that only
one person could afford that, Jiffel a man who was a major part of industry mining coal,
oil and lots of other fossil fuels. Feeling satisfied with my research I jumped on my bed
and fell asleep.
I woke up in a small, dark room with no lights. The walls though, were thankfully
very metallic giving a minimal, but sufficient light. With this small light I checked if I
had my small kit of electronics that consisted of Transistors, Resistors, Conductors and
diodes. I also had my other kit of elements with Arsenic, Xeon, Lead Lithium, Chromium
and pure Sodium. After checking for my kits I saw a door with a lead covering and after
examining it I pushed it open.
As I pushed it open blinding light flooded into my eyes. While giving my eyes a
minute to adjust to the room I noticed a man siting down near a table that had food on it.
The man had a freckled face, pointy nose and a curvy thin body. Right after my eyes
adjusted to the light I Demanded the man “Where am I”. The man just chuckled and
casually said, “The more important question is why.”
“Then why?”
“Why should I tell you that”?
“Because you are Jiffel”
“How did you blow up the Fusion power plant?”
“Well you know how a power plant works?”
“I disrupted the magnetic field using the magnet”
“I will now leave you”
I saw Jiffel leave as he typed in the code LR86Z9 and walked out the door. I then
observed the security system of the room I was in. I noticed some cameras and motion
detectors. I thought about what to do next. When I finished thinking I knew what to do.
I ran up to a camera smashed the camera and pulled out the power wire in one
smooth motion. I pulled out my diode and my 99999 Transistor. I hooked them both up to
the power source and all power was cut, even from the backup generator and the backup,
backup generator.
I rushed out the room after typing the password and saw a tranquilizer dart gun
with two clips right next to it. As I went to get it I, I saw a man dive for. With a rush of
adrenaline I grabbed the gun and shot the man. He fell with a grunt right away. I quickly
grabbed the other clips and sprinted down the hallway. As I turned a corner I saw
multiple men with handguns. I barrel rolled to a box placed conveniently near I was. I
started then shooting darts all over the place. Most of the darts found their mark in
somebodies body. They all dropped dead without raising the alarm thankfully. As I
sprinted over the dead bodies I noticed that they were all carrying flash bang grenades. So
I grabbed a few and while sprinting I chucked them all over the place. As I came to the
exit a man tackled me before I could shoot him.
I wrestled with the man for what seemed like forever until I found and opening
for my leg and I kicked him hard in the crotch.
I got up then and ran until I came up to a payphone and dialed 911. I told them I
was kidnapped and they came. I slept in the car.
Ch. 3
I woke up in my bed, all comfy and tired. As I got up to go to another day
in school I looked at my clock and it said 1:42. I screamed ran downstairs and yelled at
my mom “WHY DIND’T YOU WAKE ME UP”. She replied, “I am giving you the day
off” and scolded me harshly for yelling at her. I slept the whole day because I was so
The next day my alarm went off and I brushed, changed and ran downstairs
quickly and ate my cereal. I jumped on the bus and slept the whole day.
As I was walking back home I saw a guy standing in front of me so I said,
“excuse me”, but he didn’t move, but said, “You killed Jiffel, you did my nasty work”
“He had sleep apnea and when you cut off the machine that let him breathe he
“So you and I are on the same team right”
And from there I got to know him. He was a nice cool guy like me, had the same
interests. But everything went wrong when he told me ”You got the wrong guy
Jiffel is a decoy, Conner is the real man and the Fusion industry was bound to
make him sink in the economy.”
Ch. 4
The next few days were intense days of pure hacking. We tried hacking
Conner’s computer but it didn’t work. Then one day finally Itch my friend got into
Conner’s system. That same day I decided to go to Conner’s place.
I arrived at Conner’s place, a small dirty house. I entered quickly without any
noise and crept behind two guards and shot them both. After sneaking into the server
room I went to Conner’s computer and inserted my flash drive. From there I texted Itch
to check if he got all the files from my hack code. xHe did. I thought, “That was easy”. I
crept out the place and went back home. As soon as I arrived home I got a text from Itch
saying “Gave files to police”.
Itch and I were hacking each other’s computers in a contest having fun along the
way. As I was hacking I thought about how us two kids put Conner in jail.
Fusion Power Plant-A power plant that mixes deuterium (heavy water) and
tritium (extremely rare) to create an explosion, which they harness as energy.
Video Ram-Random Access Memory for you graphics card, which consists of a
bunch of mini CPU’s and Video Ram. Your graphics card does all the graphics
processing on your computer.