Accessing Your ESF Online Course

Accessing Your ESF Online Course
Welcome to ESF Online!
ESF Online offers an excellent opportunity to expand your learning in many different
environmental topics, all from the comfort of your home. Much of our ESF ONLINE course
material is housed through our online site called Blackboard. Below are steps for accessing the
course website.
Getting started:
All ESF Online students require an active SU NetID and password to access online
courses and course materials in Blackboard. Soon after registering for an ESF Online
course you should receive an ID and password from Syracuse University ITS.
Visit the SU ITS web site ( call 315-443-2677 if you do not
know your NetID and Password.
Once you have received your ID and password, use the following steps to log into
Blackboard and access your online course(s):
Accessing the course website:
1. Once you have received your ID and password email you can access your online course
through the Blackboard website
2. Enter your ID in the Username field.
3. Enter your password in the PASSWORD field.
4. Click the LOGIN button.
5. Locate the MY COURSES box in the middle of the screen. A course link for each course
in which you are enrolled displays in the MY COURSES box.
6. Click on the course link in the MY COURSES box to enter the course. (NOTE: Your
course(s) will be listed as "unavailable" until your instructor opens it for student access.
All online courses will be open approximately 1 week prior to the start of the semester).
7. Once you have opened the course website on blackboard, there should be a number of
folders and topics in the left hand navigation. Please navigate through these folders to
familiarize yourself with the content and what is included where on the course website.
8. If after completing the following steps you still have questions, please contact the course