Algebra 1 Syllabus - Round Lake School District

Syllabus for Algebra 1
Round Lake Middle School
Contact Information:
Teacher: Mrs. Beake
Room #: 115
[email protected]
Course Description
Algebra 1 is a foundation course for future math courses in high school, college as well as
success in working at many jobs in the future. The student will learn problem-solving, statistics,
solving equations, exponents, graphing and solving linear and quadratic functions in a coordinate
plane, graphical estimation and basic function notation.
Course Objectives
 Solve linear equations and model real-world situations using linear equations.
 Solve systems of linear equations and model real-world situations using systems of linear
 Solve linear inequalities and model real-world situations using linear inequalities.
 Solve simple absolute value equations and model real-world situations using absolute
value equations.
 Know and use the properties of addition and multiplication (associative, commutative,
identity, inverse and distributive).
 Graph linear and simple exponential functions.
 Factor 2nd degree and simple 3rd degree polynomials and solve quadratic equations by
factoring and completing the square.
 Understand the difference between relations and functions and find the domain and range
of simple functions.
 Recognize different forms of linear equations (slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard
form) and use those forms to find the equation of a line from 2 points or a point and a
 Understand what slope is, how to find the slope of a line from a graph or an equation, and
how slope relates to parallel and perpendicular lines.
 Understand basic experimental and theoretical probability.
To help students get organized in math, I require the students to have:
1. 1 ½” 3-ring binder with five tabs (the five tabs are: notes, class work, homework,
tests/quizzes/assessments, and miscellaneous)
2. Paper (lined and graph
3. Pencils
4. Pencil sharpener
5. Red pen
****** It is highly recommended that your child purchase a calculator. Your child will be
expected to complete homework at home and it will be to their benefit to have the same
calculator at home that we are using at school:
Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS
These calculators can be purchased at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, OfficeMax, etc. They are usually
between $10.00 and $15.00.
District Grading Guidelines
A – 90% - 100%
B – 80% - 89%
C – 70% - 79%
D – 60% - 69%
F – below 59%
Math Department Grade Distribution
60% - Assessments
10% - Homework
20% - Class work
5% - Notebook
5% - participation
There are several types of assignments. They are:
 Assessments – these can be in the form of tests, quizzes, projects, mini-projects, exit
slips, journals.
 Class work – work that is primarily done in class. These assignments can usually be
finished in class. Any in class assignments that are not completed, will need to be
finished at home. Class work also includes warm-up exercises (problems to be done when
the bell rings and finished in the first 5 minutes of class).
 Homework – Homework is graded based on:
 Did the student try all the problems assigned,
 Did the student show his/her work,
 Did the student turn in the assignment on time.
You will be given a “homework stamp sheet” where I will put a stamp or sticker on
completed homework assignments. All students are responsible for making up all missed
assignments. Not knowing that there was an assignment will not be accepted as an excuse
for not completing the homework. Any worksheets are put on the counter. Points are
deducted for turning in assignments late. Homework must be done in pencil. Any
homework done in pen is not accepted and the student will earn a 0 for that assignment.
 Class participation – this grade is based on the following criteria
o On-time
o Follow behavior expectations
o Put assigned problems on the board— Students will also be required to put any
assigned problems on the board and explain it to the class.
Binders will be checked once each quarter. You will be responsible for taking notes everyday in
class. If it goes on the board, it goes in your notes. If it is presented on the projector, it goes in
your notes.
Extra Help:
If a student needs extra help, he/she can come see me to make arrangements for additional help
before school starts or after school. If the student takes the bus, they will need a ride home if they
stay after school for extra help or brought to school early. Every Wednesday before school is
stay day where students can get extra help. If students have lunch 3rd period or 5th period, they
can get extra help during those periods.
Make-up Work:
You will be responsible for getting the work that you missed when you are absent. The notes you
should get from a classmate. The assignments are in the boxes on the counter. You are also
responsible for making up any quizzes or tests you miss. All missing assignments, quizzes, and
tests must be made up two weeks before the end of the quarter.
Classroom Rules:
1. When the bell rings, the students are to be in their assigned seats and start working on any
warm-up exercises. The warm-up exercises are either on the board or on the projector
screen. If they are not working on the warm-up exercises, the students receive a 0 for that
day this is applied to the “class work” portion of their grade.
2. Come to class prepared everyday with their binder, paper, pencil, and homework.
3. All math work must be in pencil. Work done with pen will not be accepted. If you need
a pencil, ask.
4. Once you enter the room, you are not allowed to leave for any reason without permission.
5. The bell does not dismiss you. The teacher does!
I have read the expectations and Syllabus for Algebra 1. I have also talked to my
parents/guardians about what is expected of me for the upcoming school year and they are aware
of the contents in the syllabus.
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