Biology 1 Honors
Mrs. Rahmig
Audesirk, Audesirk, and Byers. (2011). Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology, 9th ed. Pearson Education.
Three-ring binder, binder paper, metric ruler, pen, pencil, colored pencils/markers.
The student will:
1. Develop an understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry. Science is an open-ended, intellectual activity and what is currently
known is based on available evidence and may change as new information becomes available.
2. Be able to draw upon a solid knowledge base of fundamental biological principles and vocabulary.
3. Acquire skills necessary to perform experiments, analyze information, and draw conclusions.
4. Develop an understanding of the diversity of life and of the interrelationships among organisms.
5. Become aware of the interactions that humans have with other life forms and with the non-living Earth.
6. Become familiar with the structure and function of the human body systems.
Each semester will be divided into individual units. A detailed unit calendar with course outcomes, classwork and homework will be
given to each student at the beginning of each unit. Students are responsible for checking the unit calendar daily for homework.
Semester 1
Semester 2
Unit 1 - The Scientific Method
Unit 7 - Viruses and Bacteria (+ Taxonomy)
Unit 2 - Biochemistry: The Molecules of Life
Unit 8 – Protists, Fungi, and Plants
Unit 3 - Cell Biology
Unit 9 – Animals
Unit 4 - Genetics
Unit 10 – Respiration and Circulation
Unit 5 - Evolution
Unit 11 – The Digestive System and Nutrition
Unit 6 - Ecosystems and Populations
Unit 12 – The Immune System
Unit 13 – Coordination and Reproduction
Unit 14 – Support and Movement
1. Be seated when the bell rings; have all materials ready to start work right away.
2. No eating, drinking (other than water) or gum chewing in class.
3. No cell phones.
4. Careful and conscious adherence to all safety rules in the lab.
5. Participate in class activities; follow both written and verbal directions.
6. Work respectfully and cooperatively with other students and the teacher.
7. Complete all assignments to the best of your ability; seek individual help when needed. Honest, sincere effort in all work is the
key to success.
If students are in the classroom or laboratory without the teacher present they should remain quietly in their seats and must never
touch or use any laboratory equipment or materials until the teacher is present and has given students permission to do so.
Cell phone use will not be tolerated in the classroom, and school policies will be followed if students are seen using phones. In addition,
students cannot participate fully while texting and need to take responsibility for their own learning by refraining from texting during
any class.
*********************************************Turn Over****************************************************
Grades for this course are calculated on a weighted scale. The categories are as follows:
Tests and Quizzes: 35%
Lab Reports and Projects: 30%
Homework: 20%
Semester Final: 15%
Therefore, no matter how many actual points are assigned to individual homework assignments, the total contribution of homework to
your semester grade is 20%. Students’ grades will be updated regularly – it is the student’s responsibility to check her grade online and
stay informed of her progress in the class. Any concerns about grades or missing assignments must be brought to the teacher’s
attention immediately!
Extra credit may only be obtained if all assignments for the entire semester have been turned in. It is worth no more than 2% of the
total semester grade. You will be given a list of optional activities/assignments that are available for extra credit.
All make-up work, including unit tests, must be completed in the designated time period in order for the student to receive full credit
for the work. Students are allowed TWO class meetings for each excused absence to make up classwork. It is the student's
responsibility to find out what assignments are to be completed. Copies of handouts will be available in the "handout" box. Work
completed or handed in after the designated time is subject to the policies as covered in Late Work. Always double check with the
teacher if you have any questions.
NOTE: If a student is absent only on the day of a test, the test will be taken, by appointment, within one day of her return to school.
There are no reminders.
 Unless otherwise stated, all work is due at the beginning of the class on the due date. Work handed in after this time will be
considered late.
 Late work will receive 50% of the total number of points earned if it is handed in on or before the next class meeting. Please
write “LATE” and the date at the top of the page before submitting late work for a stamp/teacher’s initials.
 Assignments will be accepted for zero credit until the end of the unit test. Work beyond this date will not be accepted. Please
submit these in your homework packet – they do not need to be stamped.
 To be eligible for any extra credit, all assignments need to be turned in as stated above.
 It is highly recommended that students complete and assemble group projects will in advance of the due date; incomplete
projects will be counted as late for all members of the group.
 Technological problems are not accepted as an excuse for turning in work after the due date. Begin projects early and BACK
Plagiarism is a serious offense and includes copying or paraphrasing of material (changing only a few words) from your text, the
internet, etc. without quotation marks and proper citation. Copying another student’s homework is also considered plagiarism.
All written work must be original and IN THE STUDENT’S OWN WORDS. Consequences for plagiarism follow the school academic
integrity policy which all students and parents have signed.
If you need any help with class work, or any clarification of assignments or make up work please see me. My office is in room 10 office.
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I have read and understand the rules and policies outlined on the information sheet and agree that ignorance of these policies is no
excuse for not adhering to them.
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