practice acceleration problems

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Acceleration Practice Problems
1. A truck, starting from rest, accelerates in a straight line to a velocity of 25 m/s in 12 s.
Find the acceleration of the truck over the 12 s.
2. Steve is cruising at the beach in his car at 13 m/s when Lamby steps out into the
crosswalk. He brings his car to a stop in 1.3s. Find the average acceleration for Steve
and his car.
3. Steve is driving down the parkway when he spots Lamby and he gets hungry. He is
traveling at 88 km/h and accelerates at 1.4 m/s/s. How long will it take him to reach
124 km/h to catch Lamby?
4. Freddy the fly is walking along the table at 0.3 m/s. If Freddy suddenly accelerates at
0.2 m/s/s, determine Freddy’s velocity at 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s after the sudden acceleration.
5. A fly moves along a straight line and has an initial velocity of 8.0 m/s. The fly accelerates
at a constant rate and reaches 24 m/s in 40 s. For the 40 s interval,
a. Find the acceleration.
b. Find the average velocity,
6. A speedboat starts from rest and accelerates at 2.01 m/s2 for 7.00s. At the end of this
time, the boat continues for an additional 6.00 s with an acceleration of 0.518 m/s 2.
a. What is the velocity of the boat at 2.10 s?
Ans: 7.14 s
0.5 m/s
0.4 m/s/s 1.1m/s
0.9 m/s
0.7 m/s
4.221 m/s 2.083 m/s/s
16 m/s
-10 m/s/s