CHANDLER RICHARDSON Jan. 20, 2015 “The time is always right

Jan. 20, 2015
“The time is always right to do what is right.” –Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Growing up in the small town of Burlington,
New Jersey, I lived a relatively sheltered life. I grew
up in a close sport-centric family which only
furthered my desire to be active and to be around a
lot of people. My love for sports and my love for
people led me to Temple University to pursue a
degree in Sport Management. Without Temple
University, I would not have found the desire for the
sport industry as well as the desire to serve the
children. I certainly would not have broadened my
horizons by spending five months abroad, therefore
solidifying my independence. Simply put, I would
not be who I am today.
Community Service
During my first year at Temple, I was lucky enough to join Jumpstart
Philadelphia at Temple University. Jumpstart is a language and literacy program for
low income communities that aims to make young students ages 3-5 as prepared
for kindergarten as possible. We seek to provide these kids with the skills and the
support they need for success that they otherwise might not receive. I am on a team
of 6 other corps members all working towards the same goal. Through this, I
developed a strong desire to give back to the Philadelphia community and help
those that need it. I believe the best way to better oneself is through the service of
others and the community. My time working with those kids in the classroom and
with my teammates outside of the classroom has been my favorite time spent in
One of the main reasons I love the work I have done and still continue to do
with Jumpstart is because it taught me what it means to be a good person. I believe
in honesty and integrity and incorporate them into everything I do. One of the main
qualities serving with Jumpstart has taught me is dependability. Year after year, the
kids depend on me and my team of 6 other corps members depend on me.
Jumpstart has taught me the value of fairness and the importance of equality.
Though it sometimes seems as though these ideals are underrated, they are the
highest rated qualities in my life. These are all things that have been cemented into
my life without any chance of eroding.
Jan. 20, 2015
Industry Experience
Study Abroad London 2014
One of my first experiences
within the sport industry was my
My entire spring semester of 2014 was spent
involvement with the Philadelphia
in London, England. This was the first time I
76ers. I interned with the Fan
was truly away from home and on my own.
Experience Department for the 2012London challenged my beliefs and my view
2013 season. This was a challenging
of the world as well as my place in it. It was
internship where a lot was expected of
equally as humbling as it was empowering. I
me. This internship strengthened my
learned that there were many things more
customer service and people skills. My
important than my troubles and my issues;
next big experience was my junior
the world is bigger than me. I saw how little
internship with athletic department at
my presence mattered but I also saw the
Philadelphia University under the
potential for my presence to matter. I came
Compliance Officer. I strengthened my
back to Philadelphia with more realistic
computer skills by spending every day
goals for my future, but ultimately, I came
on Excel, Word, and other compliance
back with a better understanding of myself. I
databases. Though I learned a lot of
am aware that I will change based on the
tangible skills during this internship, it
experiences and the challenges I encounter,
made me realize that I truly thrive when
but I am confident in myself and my ability
I am working with people face-to-face.
to face those challenges.
In the summer of 2014, I spent 10 days
with the US Olympic Committee in their
Finding Leaders Among Minorities
Everywhere (FLAME) program. This was
a program designed to educate the
participants on the importance of diversity in organizations. The participants then
created a solution to the diversity problems the National Governing Bodies were facing.
Though I have completed little acts of volunteering in between these experiences, these
are the ones that have shaped my professional career the most so far.
What do I Bring to the Table?
Though I am still developing as a professional, and will continue to do so for the rest of
my life, I have established a strong foundation based on the values that I perceive to be
the most important. This foundation was formed through all of my experiences in college
and surely would be a different and less stable foundation without them. I have a desire
to succeed that coincides with my desire to be a good person. I am confident in myself
and my abilities but am also eager to learn anything and everything that will make me a
better person and professional. Though I tend to be extremely hard on myself, this allows
me to never get too complacent. I am always (over)analyzing my experiences to see how I
can improve when the next experience comes along. When facing the toughest of
challenges, I still consider the glass to be half full, even if by a millimeter. I plan to take
this optimistic attitude and enthusiasm with me in whatever opportunities come my way.