SSA 2 Assessment Review

Assessment Review
Learning the Skills
• This is you demonstrating that you
know (but not necessarily understand)
some content from the syllabus that is
relevant. E.g. a definition
• TOP TIP – start an answer by showing
knowledge straight away. Don’t waffle!
• To show you understand you need to
link your knowledge to the scenario at
end and begin to APPLY.
• E.g. Company X is a Sole trader which
means there is one owner with
unlimited liability meaning their
personal possessions are at risk.
• You need to consistently be linking your
answer to the case and NOT just write in
general terms! Otherwise your answer
can’t really be taken seriously by the
company because it does not APPLY!
• E.g. because the unemployment level is
rising company x……
• TOP TIP – in your discussion and
evaluation make sure you are applying.
Especially for your final decision which
needs to be valid and justified!
• This skill is you showing that you can process
information and investigate the possible
consequences or impacts – both positive or
negative on the business. e.g. Advantages and
disadvantages – but applied not in only
general terms!
• E.g. if company x converts to a PLC then they
will be able to raise a large amount of share
capital to help with their expansion but they
could end up losing control because they will
answer to shareholders and the board of
• This is you coming to a decision. This
decision should stem from your analysis
(discussion). If your analysis is weak then
your evaluation is not fully informed and
you will be unable to justify it fully.
• Top Tip – Link your decision to info in the
case and make it Very clear why this is
the most suitable decision given the
2 marker
• Knowledge
Top tip – to ensure second mark give an
example or formula where relevant!
• K-2
4 marker
• Knowledge & Understanding &
Application with some Analysis
• K & App – 2
• An - 2
6 Marker
• Knowledge & Understanding,
Application, Analysis and Evaluation
• K & App – 2
• An – 2
• Ev - 2
8 Marker
• Knowledge & Understanding,
Application, Analysis and Evaluation
K –2
Ap - 2
An – 2
Ev - 2
12 marker
• Knowledge & Understanding,
Application, Analysis and Evaluation
K –2
Ap - 2
An – 4
Ev - 4
How will you approach exam
questions differently in future?