Manheim Solutions, Inc. is a
consultancy specializing in
community economic
development services,
workforce development, and
now foodshed strategies.
Clients range from small
municipalities requiring
general economic
development staffing to
corporate real estate houses
and school districts. Current
clients include the Clearwater
Economic Development Association (Lewiston, ID), Elgin (IL) School District U-46′s
Career and Technical Education Division and South Suburban College Business & Career
Institute (Oak Forest, IL).
Key Results:
Completion of a Food Innovation Feasibility Study for Latah County, Idaho
Conducted ACT WorkKeys Job Profiles for South Suburban College, Oak
Forest, IL; Hoffer Plastics Co. of South Elgin, IL; Fabric Images, Inc. of Elgin, IL; Triton
College of River Grove, IL; Stepan Co. of Elwood, IL
Retention/expansion of Forest City Gears, Inc., Roscoe, IL. FCG is an aerospace gear
manufacturer with its gears on both first and second generation Mars Rovers.
Retention of 85 highly skilled jobs and creation of another 25 positions
Recruited more than 100 employers to the National Career Readiness Certificate
Letter of Commitment for Elgin School District U-46
Attraction of American Aluminum Extrusions, LLC to Roscoe, a $27 million
manufacturing project creating 130 jobs
Retention and Expansion of Diversapack, LLC to Marengo, retaining 100 jobs and
creating 10 additional jobs
Member of the Illinois National Career Readiness Certificate Advocates Steering
Golden Corridor Manufacturing Group Steering Committee
ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling Consultant to the Boone-Winnebago Counties
Workforce Investment Board, Rockford, IL
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Economic Development Services
Manheim Solutions, Inc. can help your community or business
grow! With more than 30 years of community economic
development experience, we know how to help communities
create jobs and help businesses find the skilled workers they need.
The Manheim Solutions Team offers the following economic
development services:
For Corporate Clients:
• Site Selection Research and Analysis
• ACT Authorized Job Profiling® Workforce and Skills Assessments
• Incentives Negotiations
• Small Business Development:
SBA Programs
Revolving Loan Funds
Other small business assistance programs
For Community Economic Development Organizations:
• SWOT Analysis & Strategic Planning
• Target Industry Analysis
• Workforce / Labor-shed Analysis
• Business Development Strategies
• Retail Trade Analysis
• Business Retention & Expansion Studies and Implementation
• Incentive Policies
• Retail Sales Tax Abatements
• Property Tax Abatements
• Revolving Loan Funds
• Coordinate and create partnerships with regional and state agencies to leverage your
community’s limited resources
Learn about our Workforce Development and Foodshed Strategies services by clicking
the “Services Tab” on this website, or by contacting us at,
or calling 847-691-0008.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Foodshed Strategies
Manheim Solutions, Inc. can
help your community plan
for a more sustainable,
resilient and healthier future
by supporting your region’s
agricultural sector. By
identifying opportunities to
develop your foodshed, we can help you tailor fit strategies to adapt to the 21st
Century’s shifting macroeconomic conditions— and minimize or even capitalize on
today’s rising commodity prices, growing population and other environmental stresses
creating the conditions for strong growth in local food systems.
Foodshed Analysis
Our Foodshed Analysis is innovative, data-driven and draws from our more traditional
Cluster and Laborshed analyses. Applying an objective and rigorous methodology,
Manheim Solutions can provide the robust analytics and factual detail necessary to
make informed decisions and develop realistic plans to support or expand your
community’s foodshed, including:
Define and characterize the foodshed, with consideration of climate, ecology,
transit, economic geography, land use, current and historic crop potential,
demographics, demand centers, market and distribution systems, as well as local
history, traditions and culture.
Inventory existing agricultural and agribusiness assets
Map the foodshed’s assets
Model economic impacts
Profile the foodshed and its entire geography in a Virtual Foodshed, an interactive
infographic that integrates multiple data layers in GIS to provide both a ground-level
and satellite view of your foodshed—a great demonstration and planning tool!
Stakeholder engagement to gauge latent agricultural capacity and consumer
Community engagement to inform and educate the public, raise awareness, and to
generate lasting interest, participation and commitment in new foodshed initiatives.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Foodshed Infrastructure
Once you understand your foodshed, Manheim Solutions Inc. can help your community plan to
optimize it with improvements or additions to its existing social and physical infrastructure. We
can enhance existing programs, create new initiatives or evaluate and recommend new facilities
to serve your foodshed, from small community garden facilities to large food hubs.
Each foodshed is unique, and the needs or opportunities of one foodshed are not necessarily
the same as another. Depending on the location, size, health, diversity and productivity of your
foodshed, the optimal initiative may be a new farmer’s market, community garden, backyard
garden program or land co-op, or perhaps a brick and mortar shared-use kitchen, food
innovation and research center, or food hub (whether aggregator, distributor, or incubator).
At Manheim Solutions we believe the most successful and sustainable initiatives are designed to
seamlessly integrate into the fabric of the community and market-oriented systems that are
already in place. In our feasibility studies, we carefully match the scale and operations of any
new initiative or facility to the opportunities in your foodshed and the needs of your
community, as well as the objectives of food stakeholders.
The Manheim Solutions Team is interdisciplinary and thoroughly analyzes the many components
of the “to build or not to build” threshold question, e.g. “who” will build and operate the facility,
“what” type of facility should be built and with what specific features, “when” should it be built
(now, later, in phases) as well as when it should be operated (year round or seasonally), “where”
it should be built, “how” it should be operated, “how much” it will cost, and “where” and “how”
to source investment capital. Some of these components include:
For-profit, non-profit, institutional, hybrid models
Facilities, equipment, operations
Site selection
Land Use
Incentives, funding and grants
Public private partnerships
Small business development
Workforce development
For more information about Manheim Solutions, Inc. Foodshed Strategies, contact Dan French
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
ACT WorkKeys Job
Manheim Solutions, Inc. is one of just 400
consultants across the nation to offer ACT
WorkKeys® Authorized Job Profiling. This is a unique service that allows us to:
• Identify the skills required for a job
• Determine the level of skills required to perform the job
The job profiling process can be used by your human resources department to:
• Help identify potential job candidates your current recruitment tools aren't finding
• Help you determine candidates for promotion
Manheim Solutions, Inc. is currently working with northern Illinois manufacturers, workforce
investment boards, and educational institutions to improve the quality of an employer's
workforce and filling your existing skill gaps. Nationwide many companies consider job profiling
a competitive edge and keep their results confidential.
Hoffer Plastics Corporation, South Elgin, IL
School District U-46, Elgin, IL
Stepan Company - Millsdale Facility, Elwood, IL
South Suburban College, Oak Forest, IL
The Workforce Connection, Rockford, IL
Triton College, River Grove, IL
Fabric Images, Elgin, IL
Chemical and Automotive Manufacturers
About Job Profiling
Job profiling is an ACT WorkKeys® assessment tool that works seamlessly within the WorkKeys®
suite of programs, particularly the National Career Readiness Certificate earnable by students
and adults retooling their skillset for the modern workplace.
Job profiling is the right approach if your organization prefers:
• A focus group format that promotes discussion between the employees (job incumbents) and
an ACT-authorized job profiler.
• A task list describing activities of the job with tasks tailored by the employees.
• A customized job profile report documenting the tasks of the job, skill levels required for the
job, and the qualitative reasoning behind the skill levels provided by the job incumbents.
Results that can be used to support hiring, promotion, and training decisions.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Job Profiling Requires Four Key Steps
Step 1: Creating an Initial Task List
The profiler obtains background information about the job to be profiled from the company
contact person and a tour of the job site. Using SkillPro®, ACT's proprietary job profiling
software, the profiler develops an initial list of the tasks most relevant to the job.
Step 2: Task Analysis
The profiler meets with subject matter experts – generally incumbent workers of the job being
studied – who review and revise the list of tasks, adding, deleting, consolidating, and changing
the wording of each task to make certain the list accurately represents the job as it is performed
in their company. Then the subject matter experts rate each task according to two dimensions:
importance and relative time spent. The data are used to produce a criticality rating for each
The subject matter experts review this revised task list and make any necessary changes. The
resulting final task list establishes which tasks are the most critical to performing the job.
Step 3: Skill Analysis
The skills are reviewed one at a time. Profilers present detailed descriptions of each of the
WorkKeys® skills to the subject matter experts. To determine the relevance of the WorkKeys®
skill to the job, the subject matter experts independently identify the important tasks that
require the skill and then discuss the work behaviors that specifically use that skill. Then the
profiler presents detailed descriptions of the WorkKeys® skill levels to the subject matter
experts. These descriptions include examples of problems or situations employees deal with at
each level. The subject matter experts identify the relevant important tasks that require each
skill level and decide which skill levels are necessary at the entry level and for effective
performance of their job (i.e., cut or passing scores).
Step 4: Documentation
The profiler documents the results in a custom Job Profile Report containing a list of the tasks
most critical to performance of the job and information on the WorkKeys® skills and skill levels
required for entry into the job and effective performance of the job. This report establishes the
link between the tasks of the job and the WorkKeys® skills and skill levels.
Professional Fees for Profiling Services
Manheim Solutions, Inc. charges a market flat rate for services. Our rates are competitive with
those of community colleges and Workforce Investment Boards. Contact us at (847) 691-0008 or
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Chris J. Manheim, CEcD, MA
Professional Background & Recognitions
Chris is a Certified Economic Developer through the
International Economic Development Council and
holds a Masters in Political Science with a Certificate
in Public Administration from Eastern Illinois
University. He has done additional post-graduate
studies at the University of Illinois-Springfield and the
University of Illinois-Chicago in Public Policy.
Prior to directing regional economic development organizations, Chris was the first
director of the Small Business Development Center at Joliet Junior College from 1986
through 1988 where he assisted dozens of businesses develop business plans and obtain
loans. From 1984 through 1993, he was president of Manheim Associates Economic
Development Services, Inc. (MAEDS, Inc.) packaging SBA 7(a) loans for small businesses
throughout the southwest suburban area of Chicago. Upon graduation from Eastern
Illinois University, he gained experience in Public Finance and Public Budgeting as a
performance auditor and then budget analyst for State of Illinois Auditor General and
later the Bureau of the Budget. Later, he contracted with Chicago-based municipal
consulting firms as a researcher on municipal bonds, Industrial Revenue Bonds and SBA
504 loans.
For 20 years, Chris directed four Economic Development Organizations in the Chicago
Metro Area, including the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce Challenge 21 Program and
the Grundy County Economic Development Council.
During the past 30-plus years, Chris Manheim has served on a vast number of boards of
directors, written numerous articles, and received recognitions by the International
Economic Development Council and its predecessors for Programming Excellence. Also
honored by the Mid-America Economic Development Council, Site Selection Magazine
and others.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Daniel French, JD, LLM
Director of Environmental Strategy and
Professional Background & Recognitions
Dan is an environmental transactions expert that leads
strategic planning and research initiatives for Manheim
Solutions, Inc. Mr. French is responsible for the
formulation of project-level strategy, analysis and
oversees project operations in the areas of environment,
redevelopment, adaptive reuse, feasibility analysis, and
regional analysis. Sustainable land use planning is a
particular focus of his practice, in which he blends
traditional analysis with principals of economic geography, place making, green
infrastructure, ecosystem services, and network analysis to lend a balanced, creative
and impactful perspective. After receiving a B.A. at the University of Illinois, Dan
completed his law degree from St. Louis University with concentrations in business
transactions and tax law, before finally completing a Masters of Law (LL.M.) from
Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Following his studies, Dan briefly interned at the
law firm Nautadutilh in Rotterdam before joining British Petroleum in Chicago in 2007
where he supported retail and midstream asset divestment in both portfolio and singlesite sales— transacting over a billion dollars in total value and liability in more than a
dozen states in just 5 years.
Mr. French’s most recent major projects include leading the redevelopment analysis and
strategy development for a 400 acre brownfield in a mountainous region of the rural
South East and a 440 acre brownfield in industrial corridor of northwest Indiana.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Professional Background & Recognitions
Career Summary: Michele Vachon, CHMM, MS
links communities with developers to enhance community culture, resource base, their
built environment and economic vitality. She has over fifteen years of environmental
assessment, CERCLA emergency response, ISO 14001, and remediation consulting
experience. Her expertise is rooted in industrial resource management combined with
targeted regional economic development modeling and green workforce
development. She is often the liaison between community needs, government and the
business community; performing extensive public outreach and engagement
activities. She is nationally recognized EPA brownfield assessment grant writer focusing
on helping communities develop state, federal and private foundation funding portfolios
for redevelopment projects. She specializes in identifying both short and long-range
value-added property funding opportunities for private and public organizations.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
Philip Watson, PhD, Affiliate,
Watson Regional Economics
Dr. Watson is the lead economist for Watson
Regional Economics Network
( In addition to his
business, Dr. Watson also has academic year
responsibilities as an Assistant Professor of
Agricultural & Regional Economics in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the
University of Idaho. Phil has received funding to support his research from the USDA
Rural Community Development Initiative program and he is currently working in Priest
River, Idaho on a targeted community economic analysis tool to help guide strategic
decision-making in rural communities. Phil also serves as lead on several National
Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and industry association economic impact
studies (i.e. Cattleman, Dairy, etc.) and is well versed in regional and community
economic practices in the Intermountain West. He has over ten years experience in
conducting research and teaching about regional economic theory and practice,
recreation and tourism management, fisheries planning, natural resource valuation, and
public involvement. He has conducted workshops and training in regional economics for
the Northwest Community Development Institute and several other, federal, and state
agencies. Phil is a Pullman, WA resident.
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®
David Butts, MS, PHR
Professional Background & Recognitions
David is a Human Resources professional with 20 years
experience in various industries including; Freight
transportation, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and
manufacturing industries. A seasoned manager, facilitator
and trainer with practical hands on experience, David is knowledgeable in leading
human resources systems and has demonstrated proficiency and success across all
disciplines of Human Resources.
Previously Vice President of Human Resources, David holds a Masters Degree in Human
Resource Management and a Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
certificate. Professional affiliations include national member Society for Human
Resource Management, active member with STATELINE SHRM, the Illinois Employers
Council and has actively served on the Board of Directors for the IL Fox Valley SHRM
since 2006, serving as chapter President in 2009.
Chris Manheim
Manheim Solutions, Inc.
Elgin, IL
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Authorized ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler
Certified Economic Developer®