Course overview

Class procedures and material
Skills: none
Concepts: Our procedures and material
What’s this?
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Dr. Press
Office Location & Office Hours: SBS D-328, after class and by appointment,
at all times (including most evenings and weekends) via email
Telephone Number: 310-243-3570, but I am hard to reach there. Email is
almost always quicker.
E-mail Address:
Google Plus profile:
Our modular e-text
Topic modules are like sections in a textbook chapter
A sample topic module
A sample topic module
A sample assignment
A sample assignment
Topic modules and assignments link to each other
The presentation slides …
Slide format
Weekly quizzes
Midterm exam
Final exam
Contributions to the class – asking good questions and
thoughtful participation in discussions will be considered in
borderline cases.
Quiz question blog
Assignment grading
On time, correct
Late, correct
full credit
half credit
no credit
Assignments are due at the
start of class on the due date.
Assignment ground rules
Assignments must be typed or printed -- no hand writing.
Type your name (s) on the front page.
Type the assignment number and title on the front page.
Staple each assignment separately.
Don’t bother making a separate cover page unless you want to.
Midterm – a little after the middle of the term
Final – cumulative
Cover everything – class presentations and discussions,
assignments, class blog and Twitter posts
Grade curve relative to the top student
To teach is to learn twice.
Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824
Let’s look at the class Web site.
We’ve looked at the class materials and procedures.
You saw my profile and contact information, how our
electronic text is organized, and how grading works.
Self-study questions
What are some advantages and disadvantages of our electronic text
compared to a standard print textbook?
What are some advantages and disadvantages of our electronic text
compared to a standard electronic textbook?
• More on our electronic text:
• A short paper on the evolution and content of the digital literacy
• Class syllabus: